In the middle of it all lies life, the experience of consciousness and the possibility to transcend.


Given what we human beings have to accept and assimilate, we are doing quite well. Enslaved by an illusory virtual reality that nonetheless appears to be real. Imprisoned in a reality so real and tangible that it prevents us from perceiving the state of numbness that traps our consciousness. Awakening is the miracle, but very few manage to do so. Who or what does it depend on?

Such longed for awakening, that depends on access to a state of plenitude, is nothing more than an illusion for most, but a dream that can come true for others. Who or what does it depend on?

Everything or nothing, no-one or someone, death or life; they are all expressions of the same reality.  A six-faced cube that makes up three-dimensional reality. Everything, no-one and death dwell in the dark and mysterious side of existence, where the keys and the origin of everything that exists lie. Nothing, someone and life belong to the problematic and conflictive side of existence. Where dreams manifest in reality for just a brief and minuscule moment, and we carelessly miss the opportunities.

Three-dimensionality determine the width, height and depth of tangible and visible objects. But when they are subject to time, they access the fourth dimension.  The cube is travelling through an infinite space, spinning and spinning, appearing and disappearing, jumping from one side of existence to the other, visiting places and states so distant and yet so alike.

Suddenly, we appear in life. We have nothing. Just a state of emptiness like a white paper on which anything may be written. Throughout the process of registering experiences, someone who realizes what is going on starts to emerge. But the consciousness of any human child is so basic and precarious that it cannot hold the weight of the person that is being created, it cannot assimilate all that they perceive.

We come from nothingness, and there is no one there. Hence, by trying to be someone in life, we disconnect from the mystery. We come from the infinite, and there are no limits there. Hence, when we cling on to material things, we forgo eternity.  Cut off from the origin, we lock ourselves up in an unbearable loneliness where nothing is possible. When nothing happens in the life of a human being, to some extent they are reconnecting with the true nature from which they come.  Feeling nothingness in this life produces such a void that anguish takes hold of us. This is when the sleep state starts crumbling from its apparent state of permanence.

The game of understanding consists in creating all types of experiences from a state of awakened consciousness that may allow many others to access that possibility that had been unavailable until now.

Awakening starts to be a possibility once we realize that we are asleep and that waking up is an option. Once we start to dream that we are asleep and that there is another reality beyond dreaming in which we can awaken.

Playing this game is a beautiful experience. It allows us to experience with consciousness from the lowest to the highest levels, where one day we may be conscious of our own consciousness. And then, we will be just one step away from total transcendence. The goal is too great for the mind to grasp. That is the challenge, to leap into a journey so long and infinite that we cannot even visualize or imagine what we may find.

The journey is long, but once we start walking, we will never stop again.

If you would like to play this game of understanding, I invite you from my heart to share the writings I will be publishing after today.


These texts will be analysed in depth during the training cycles of the Conscious School.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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