The individual, chaotic, incomprehensible and uncontrolled big bang that gives rise to the process of evolution.


The sensation of healing has a very special peculiarity, which can not be described, but rather only enjoyed.

I resort to words and feelings whenever something or someone shows me a sign that something important is happening at a level where the perception of reality can not reach. It is an encounter with mystery surrounded by confusion. Sometimes that happens to several or many people at the same time. And then it becomes much stronger. As if we had coordinated the right moment so that it is happening to a group of people more or less the same, creating a goal that can only be accessed with the heart.

If you are reading this, you can also recognise it by observing the phenomenon inside you.

I wake up today Monday 17/9 at 2 in the morning in the indescribable peace of my room where I sleep with Paula in our house in Marbella. It is a magical moment of comprehension that does not go in through my head, but via the art of written expression I can share symbols or simple clues of what is happening.

It is obvious that since I started writing I did not know where to start or where I’m going to finish, and now that I have written several lines I feel that I do not know where to go.

I would like to dedicate these words to Flor, Ramón and Martín who were detained yesterday yesterday for one night in Córdoba Argentina due to police persecution because of the work we do with natural substances. The inspiration comes, in part, from the phone call I had from them today after they left the cell. They were laughing like crazy, expressing the infinite comprehension that had arisen in those hours of detention.

When the time comes that they lock us up, they take away our freedom and accuse us, suddenly the heart is compressed. A strong pain arises as a result of an internal pressure of the thoughts and perceptions that are activated. Reason can not do anything in those situations; but an infinite impotence also arises because it is beyond our possibilities to avoid certain episodes that life sends our way. No logic or intelligence can help us with that. Uncertainty comes as a devastating tsunami to announce that not knowing is the path of healing. The mind can not find an explanation for such an imprint, and it is then, when everything is ready for the profound and enlightening comprehension that consciousness is able to arise. .

“Nothing can be done in order to comprehend, and nothing can be done with what we comprehend.”

“Nohing can be done in order to comprehend, and nothing can be done with what we comprehend.”

Consciousness has the quality to expand, but the heart has the quality to flourish.

Expansion is a very long journey towards the origin of existence, but flourishing is a journey towards the destiny of life.

When we come to a comprehension of ourselves, of life and everything that happens to us, time stops and infinite space is concentrated in an infinitely powerful single point. This is when the big bang happens inside of us.

For some this is being painful because the events associated with this healing implosion have to do with farewells, losses or breakdowns. For others it supposes estrangement, ending a relationship, initiating something new and unpredictable, leaving behind something that deluded us or accompanied us throughout life. Or take a step towards emptiness.

The Big Bang theory also applies to humans. Called the Great Explosion, it is the cosmological model that defines the process in which the universe was born, known and made visible to us. The universe was in a state of very high temperature and density, when it crossed the physically tolerable limit, it expanded. It was a liberating explosion that gave rise to the interior space in which we live.

It also happens that way on a human scale. It is a wonderful and creative implosion. It is the internal explosion that creates the creative space where we can develop the art of Being who we are. Now things will start to happen differently. There has been the implosion that gives rise to the beginning of an evolutionary process of all atoms and their infinite, crazy and creative groupings. Now everything can happen and nothing can be controlled.

When we look at the sky we are looking at the interior of where we live. In this sense nothing of what we see is exterior. When we look at the sky of our life we can appreciate beautiful galaxies and internal stars. All the inhabitants of this existence, that by mistake or accident come to possess consciousness through an internal evolutionary process, can reach a certain interior temperature and a density such that something of unknown dimensions can occur. It is a spiritual explosion that will inevitably be reflected in unforeseen events, unknown attitudes, indescribable feelings. A NEW LIFE.

You are basically in the face of something that surpasses you, and I want to share with you an idea that in itself has the possibility of exploding within you: “YOU HAVE COME TOO FAR ALREADY”. Nobody can save you, you are exploding right now. For many of those who accompany me on this path of healing and comprehension, perhaps now and in unison we can say “WE HAVE COME TOO FAR” there is no way back. Creative power guides us. We can not go back or avoid this journey of the explosion of love, of grace, of charm and creativity.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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