15 years ago I carried out a three moon treatment, lost 10 kilos, and made decisions that changed the course of my life…

The idea was given to me by a Colombian shaman, Taita Domingo, who said with great certainty: “If you take a little bit of Ayahuasca every night for three moons (about 90 days), the healing energy of the Amazon rainforest will be installed In your body. You will have much more strength in your body and clarity to make decisions. I listened to him. Today, 15 years later, I can affirm that what was installed in me then has been a treasure of incalculable value for my physical and psychological health, for the re-formulation all my relationships, to express my creativity, and to make choices about my destiny from my heart.

At this moment I feel much better than then, although I must admit that if I am doing this treatment again it is because I feel that I have reached a limit that I have not been able to cross for many months. It is obvious that I need external support, and although I am surrounded by excellent therapists with whom I participate in sessions for myself and my family, I recognise the power and expertise that Ayahuasca has. A week ago I did a session with the whole team of Ayahuasca International. It was the best of all my sessions with Ayahauasca. It was led by Elián, my son, accompanied by the company’s doctor Oscar Peñalosa and by Mónica, a school facilitator. The musicians of this organisation were also singing and playing all kinds of instruments. I had not drunk Ayahuasca for a year, and I was very afraid to take it. I thought I didn’t need it, I did not see any reason to do it and said so to my son. But he said to me: “Then take it to celebrate and enjoy life” and he put the spoon in my mouth…

That night, I experienced sublime sensations, I enjoyed extra dimensional visions and I closely watched the wonder of the beings that accompany me in this work. I could see them one by one and feel how much I love them. But I also realised that I had to look at myself, especially in something concrete from my day to day. So I decided to do another treatment of taking Ayahuasca little by little every night because I’ve experienced it before and I’ve seen how amazing it is to combine one or two strong sessions per month with small daily doses. I took advantage of the fact that Rosa (one of the company’s specialists in these treatments) had prepared me the mini doses exactly so that I could take it easily and with the precision of the dose I need. The key is that it does not produce any visionary or physical effects, but that it remains 100% in the body until it is processed. In a normal measurement, taken as it is in the group sessions, Ayahuasca is expelled after a few hours or minutes. When it is taken little by little, it stays inside doing much deeper work which is also from the unconscious.

The main reason is that I want to recover energy and physical strength as I am travelling a lot in many countries and I work more than 12 hours a day. On the other hand I want to make a series of very complex decisions, so I need to take into account all the aspects and repercussions of those decisions. Although I trust my ability and intelligence to decide, I recognise that there are decisions that require external and professional advice (which I have as I am advised by psychologists, therapists, business experts and a philosopher). But I also feel that it is essential to have a metaphysical perspective of the issues I handle. Some call it “spiritual vision”, but since I am not spiritual, that term does not resonate with me.

That high and clear perspective of everything that accompanies me in life, of my destiny and of what I have to do at every moment is given in an amazing way by the expansion of consciousness and openness of the heart that originates from Ayahuasca. In the days since I started the treatment, it is already carrying out a very deep bowel cleansing, and in turn it is giving me the impulse to do things, to express, to decide…not to drag out what I have to do.

This mere fact of writing about myself, my moment and process, is the result of the effect that Ayahuasca is having on me; the inspiration to be honest with myself and not to deceive myself in anything, to face people and situations as they are, to not do anything but leaving nothing undone, keeps coming to me time and time again. The kind invitation I am receiving from my consciousness is to flow smoothly, to relax and respect the rhythm that life wants for this precise moment.

Alberto josé Varela

[email protected]

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