An experience based on the encounter of souls willing to express themselves.

Darwin Grajales is a man of great purity, who shares it through his music therapy workshops, an innovative experience in which he creates a place to express his compositions from the heart and inspires people attending the workshop to allow themselves to express the song from the Being they carry in their hearts, each one’s unique and non-transferrable life song.

It is an experiential and empirical workshop, not merely theoretical but an experience we both live in first person and collectively, connecting all attendees and turning them into aware participants, mindful of the unity we create together, pooling their musical knowledge and involving participants to follow their intuition so they can liberate themselves, sing and compose, as anyone with an open heart is able to express what they feel through a song.

Darwin is bringing and teaching us his knowledge, acquired in his years as a musician both accompanying different shamans’ Ayahuasca ceremonies in the Colombian Amazon, and the different workshops he gives on music and Ho’oponopono.

His knowledge of the shamanic cosmo-vision and of the elements which surround us play an important role in his workshops and in his way of sharing the ancient Hawaiian philosophy Ho’oponopono on which his music is based; it makes these workshops something worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime.

Emotions constantly and intensely flow through all participants moving from moments of maximum depth and emotion, to moments of joy and laughter, as his great sense of humour creates a relaxed environment in which we all merge and become one Being.

Darwin’s songs are inspired by Ho’oponopono, an ancient philosophy based on four key concepts for the resolution of all problems in life: I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.

His music is a plea for forgiveness, gratitude and love towards existence; his way of sharing Ho’oponopono is as special as he is, since he himself is Ho’oponopono; this is his way of living and he conveys his message this way; a message that touches the soul of people and enables them to see life through this manner of feeling things that both happen to us and are around us.

The healing and openness of heart invading the atmosphere of this workshop is so beautiful it cannot be described with words. It is something to live and experience for yourself. I already have, and can thus speak about it, recommend and guarantee it. This tour performed throughout Europe is a unique opportunity to experience this workshop.


Victor Jiménez


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