This end of year, over 20 facilitators from the European School of Ayahuasca have undertaken over 300 Inner Evolution sessions with psycho-therapeutical use of Ayahuasca. 11 days and nights in Berlin, Germany, and 3 days and nights in Torino, Italy. A new attendance record smack in the middle of the end of year festivities, showing the growing international interest in leaving behind old moulds and initiating a new way together towards personal evolution.

People from over 20 countries around the world, flying from far away without hesitation towards the encounter with this marvellous opportunity for gathering, uniting, connecting and deepening in authentic solutions offered to us through the work with psychotherapy and ayahuasca. There are no boundaries for this conscious evolution which becoming global. People from Argentina, Mexico, Spain, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Hong Kong, Norway, Croatia, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, France, Iran, Netherlands, and Italy… have gathered in these two end-of-year retreats.

Throughout the year 2016 we will visit over 15 countries, bringing this proposal of uniting psychotherapy with shamanism, music-therapy with dance, millenary Eastern practices with the confronting No-Therapy. Pure magic coming from the spontaneity of a group of facilitators who decided to break with the limitations of the attachment to methods and traditions and throw themselves into the mystery of the unknown, seeking for inner transformation. They are 100% dedicated to working on themselves, completely surrendered to the work of expanding an innovative proposal in the spiritual, therapeutical and shamanic world.

The photo shows the group of one of the 11 days of the retreat taking place between 23/12 and 3/1 with Dejan and Francesca, a couple of ayahuasqueros and integrators of the Ayahuasca International team (below on the left)

For all the therapists, ayahuasquero masters, facilitators or people who want to become part of the training of our European School of Ayahuasca, registration is open for all the 2016 training cycles in Mexico, Spain and Italy.

Email address: [email protected]

To participate in the inner improvement workshops WITHOUT ayahuasca: [email protected]


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