“Behind every suicidal act, there is always a homicidal intention.”

What’s happening to human beings? Every 20 seconds there is a person taking his life somewhere in the world. Totalling over 1 million people per year committing suicide. An uncontrollable plague. Where does the search for death comes from? There are more and more terrorists blowing themselves up and killing others at the same time. Can this madness be stopped?

Suicide is the number one cause of deaths. What is hiding behind this human pandemic? When I was in prison, I saw several comrades committing suicide, I discussed it with one of the officials-therapists and he told me: “The fact that people commit suicide shouldn’t be disclosed as it would inspire others to do so”. Is this the reason why the topic is not covered in the media? Do we want to hide the truth? If so many people coincide in seeking that kind of solution to their problems or conflicts there must be some explanation clarifying it.

The army of soldiers, ready to immolate himself, has a waiting list; there are more and more young people ready to kill and die. What profoundly drives them to do so? Explaining it simply by claiming they are religious fanatics is staying at the superficiality of the matter.

It is known that behind every suicide is a murder. A suicidal is a murderer, a human being full of impotence, anger and hatred; that’s why he needs to kill, but as he can’t or doesn’t dare to do so on a large scale he does it on a small scale, to himself; and if he can kill other innocents in the same act, it’s far better as it fulfils his poisoned intent to destroy and take revenge.

When a suicidal cannot kill what he hates, his thirst for vengeance grows and becomes virulently destructive. What does a suicidal hates? Firstly HIMSELF AND LIFE. He is obviously moved by an internal hatred, a deep resentment coming from facts, situations and specific events from his personal life. It’s not a problem of poor education or lack of education or household, it is much more complex.

Terrorists’ behaviours experts acknowledge that it is necessary to gather a number of features to create a terrorist ready to blow himself up. He must have been abused, have social resentment, a number of traumas that caused him much pain, a number of frustrations, a talent or creative potential wasted, a feeling of helplessness before his own life, having lost hope, a widespread rejection for life and human beings, and also a minimally convincing ideology that motivates the decision to sacrifice for a cause. In other words, creating a terrorist mind is a very complex multifactorial phenomenon. There sometimes can be a single main cause, but it’s always accompanied by other factors reinforcing and defining the suicidal tendency. In the case of terrorists blowing themselves up, they don’t really blow themselves up or sacrifice, they rather commit suicide in order to harm others, or take revenge. Many suicidal kill themselves to create guilt and pain to their whole family or acquaintances. They leave a strong message of notwithstanding and revenge.

For those willing to dig a little into this situation I invite them to read this article quiet and reflectively. I’ve been writing it for years, but events prompted me to publish it now.

Exactly as there is an individual consciousness, unique to each individual, there is also a collective consciousness which is the union of all individual ones from each species. Furthermore, as there is a collective consciousness that we implicitly know since we were born, that we share as a species and that we can access; there is also a collective subconscious hiding much of the information that we don’t find convenient or that we don’t like to have so close at hand, we thus can’t access it that easily, but it actually governs much of our life.

Within this dark or hidden area there are registered orders resulting from conclusions taken out by each species according to its experience. From that compact and indecipherable information, several automatic behaviours arise, and automating implies there is no need to think or analyse anything as the findings were great during the passage of time and collected by the experience; therefore, they became commands that the majority of components of a species cannot help but obey.

In the specific case of human beings, an unconscious order has been there for thousands of years and is getting stronger and stronger; It’s the order of COMMITTING SUICIDE, also called UNCONSCIOUS DEATH IMPULSE. It refers to a non-rational pursuit of ending one’s life, to anticipate the time of death more or less on purpose or accidentally. As if we came to the conclusion that there is no solution, that life is meaningless and that the only solution is to end everything; of course, starting with one’s own life. A set of attitudes, behaviours and decisions oriented to execute that death order thus emerge, creating all sorts of self-destructive and unhealthy behaviours.

I want you to know that this article is written by many authors. Some of them work on this blog, many are customers or readers, and most are people from all over the world that I don’t even know. As a writer I am representing them all right here, I’m dealing with this issue as if it were an act of global channelling. I’m capturing a series of human attitudes governed by collective unconscious. In that specific case, this attitude leads, even unintentionally, to death. We are lighting it a little to see if we recognize it in each one of us, in order to deprogram this death order. But that will happen gradually, one must first recognize it at the individual level, then to realize a complete healing process, and when he recovers the will to live, he will start to reject the unconscious death drive.

We should seriously ask ourselves why we have been losing our will to live? We want to extend life, postponing our death date, but we don’t want a dignified and healthy life. This reality appears clearly in the contradiction between the increasing average life expectancy, and the increasing number of people committing suicide.

There is a part of the human brain that contains information that is relevant to the entire species, that knows what is happening to most people, that knows what the common problems are. That unconscious and extremely intelligent part does not need to agree with the millions of human brains; there is no discussion or convention of ideas, it is simply is a summary and condensed substrate. It is the sum of us all. It’s like a Wi-Fi of all mankind decoding what each person is feeling towards life. It’s an innocent and pure conclusion that, even though it may seem contradictory, aims at perpetuating our species. The subconscious handles many orders to take care of life, protect us, and enable us to be alert. But how can suicide collaborate in perpetuating life?

If humans could see the truth about what is happening in the world population and we accepted that we have failed, that religious, political, educational, family and working models are lagging behind, that they are not up to human beings who are aspiring to much more; we would then reflect deeply about the model of life that we have created and on all its cracks, about where our enthusiasm, motivation and will to live went to; we could thus make the necessary changes and transformations on the individual and social level so this destructive conclusion stops impacting how we act and move through life.

On the one hand our instinct screams I want to live! On the other hand our collective conclusions shout I WANT TO DIE ASAP! Both cries coexist within the same person, creating an unbearable inner struggle. A schizoid internal debate.

Faced with the harsh reality of wanting to live and wanting to die, we created an intermediate option: Homeopathic Suicide, it’s the harm we make to ourselves every day in a very sneaky way, slowly, without us noticing. On the one hand we are still living, and on the other hand we take away some of our life, every day. We are thus obeying two orders: to be alive, and to destroy our life.

Those who consciously decide to commit suicide, do so through several options: cutting one’s wrists, hanging oneself, jumping into the void, taking poison, burning oneself, etc. But there are many more unconscious methods to attempt suicide, such as smoking, eating poorly or in excess, causing traffic accidents, taking drugs, going to war; there are many others everyday life and subtle methods to commit suicide, such as: sleeping with someone we do not love; sharing life with someone out of interest, although we dislike it; letting others treat us badly; letting people humiliate us without reacting; working on what we dislike; shutting up when we want to talk; making and accepting judgments; neglecting nature, polluting rivers and cutting trees, etc. etc. There are so many ways to commit collective suicide …

There are multiple ways to express violence towards ourselves in more or less subtle and disguised forms but it always ends up manifesting in a tragically and in a forceful way.

Everything we do that shortens life or decreases its quality and enjoyment is, to some extent, suicide.

What a coincidence that, according to the dictionary, the opposite of “immolate” is “forgive”.



Alberto José Varela

This article is just an introduction to the topic of SUICIDE, FORGIVENESS, and RECONCILIATION.


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