To cure illnesses or to heal the ill?

A Transcendent vision of inner Healing and curing the physical body




If the “illness” is within, psycho-emotional or sentimental, it is because there is an imbalance, a disharmony, an existential dissatisfaction, so the patient needs HEALING: this means to cure within.

What disease is not within or not born within?

Most people have some form of physical, psychological or emotional illness, but we are not aware of the healing opportunity that lies hidden.

Illness is a consequence of something, but it is also a path, a symbol, a state of expertise as it can be a guide to healing.

A cure comes from outside, it is related to illnesses and ailments; healing comes from within, it is related to the transmutation of suffering, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

If an illness wants to be cured without the individual wanting to heal, there are many “official” and “alternative” treatment options, medicines and techniques offered for curing illnesses.

An ill person, who normally seeks a cure from outside, needs someone to promise them that they will cure them, at least not to lose hope. They would even pay a lot of money to be told what they want to hear: “You will be cured.”

I do not offer or promise anything about curing illnesses. It is not something that interests me personally, but it is true that many people working through processes in our Ayahuasca retreats are cured of ailments, discomfort, and even illnesses. But it is not ayahuasca that cures, rather it is each person’s own body, which when it reopens its internal biochemical pharmacy, performs an extremely effective curing process.

Any illness can cause pain, discomfort, distress, suffering, anxiety, unhappiness, inconformity, fear, guilt, loneliness … etc., even death, but it also provides many indirect benefits, whether conscious or unconscious. Many ill people say secretly within themselves: “I will not leave the illness until health guarantees me the same benefits that I get from the illness.”

Having said that as a summary, we can say that there are many links in the chain of illness: an individual, an illness, certain more or less unpleasant symptoms, some damages or benefits, one or more psycho-emotional reactions of the individual who has the illness, and above all an essential attitude that the person takes on the situation that causes the illness. Then there are also many ways to address each of these links. The original link is the root of all illness and is the cause of suffering. What is that original link?

According to many of the shamans with whom I have consulted, illness is spiritual in nature.

When someone seeks to cure an illness, the entire aforementioned chain appears which unites the soul of the individual with the sense of the illness. It is an intimate relationship which is not apparent, and most people don‘t even perceive it, this contact SOUL-SENSE hides a relationship model, not only with the illness but with everything else. When the spiritual sense of the illness is found, it becomes possible to access understanding of its origin. The healing phenomenon occurs between the rational sense and the irrational meaning.

For that reason shamans assert that illness is not physical, emotional or mental … but spiritual. The soul does not have the opportunity to release itself from an individual’s life, this is the major trauma or the deepest illness: the repression of our essence.

The attitude of one who has any illness hides the key to healing the soul. Not because the soul is ill but because its inability to manifest itself creates an existential conflict. If we understood the message, we would be willing to make a life transformation that would allow the expression and release of our essence of love.

Many questions and statements arise when we have an illness. Why me? What did I do for this to happen to me? What is the cause? Did I créate this? How can I cure it?

Wanting to remove, cure, overcome or dissolve an illness represents a rejection its existence.

But opening oneself to healing from the root represents an unconditional acceptance of the illness. This does not mean doing nothing to cure the illness, but the integral healing process begins with acceptance. Any rejection worsens the situation.

The healer does not cure or heal, but merely guides the individual toward a healing process, which in a first phase, inspires him to accept, understand, forgive and stop having misconceptions about the illness that lead to a feeling of guilt, injustice and abandonment. Then, he helps to reestablish confidence in the biochemical pharmacy within all living beings, so that their own resources do the work of curing from within.

We have found that many people have been cured of illnesses as part of the healing process with different techniques or healers, but I cannot ensure nor offer any guaranteed cure, that is not my line of work.

Healing works from a clear conscience, without judgment or resistance, for this it helps the ill person to detach from the illness, to be able to see himself as an individual, separate from the illness, and to be able to integrate reality, the fact that there is a perfect union between the individual and the illness for many reasons that one can come to understand through a process of inner evolution.

Thus, the optimum conditions are created to begin a journey of healing and curing, in that order of priority; but it is also true that some people who, from the sole interest of being cured, access the possibility of healing during the curing process, because they manage to see the relationship between the outer damage and the inner dissatisfaction or injury


Only love can be assured, sensitivity and awareness to serve the person, his inner harmony and balance, and the strengthening of his health. From there, any allopathic, homeopathic or naturopathic treatment of any kind can be carried out. A healer or therapist will always help and accompany any of these approaches, sometimes to soothe the symptoms, sometimes to enhance other treatments, and sometimes to cure the illness.

When any human being has a need and goes looking for someone to help, whether he goes to a doctor, therapist, teacher, guru, healer or shaman, whoever that someone is, he will find that this “someone” will present the opportunity to see various aspects of the same issue: the problem or illness; the individual; their need or the benefits it will represent to help him find the solution. Sometimes these factors are seen combined, all together, alone or with different priorities, but they are always there, more or less consciously or unconsciously, they exist in every person who serves or offers solutions to other people. It is the vision and perspective of those who serve others.

If what a person seeks is to heal, he should focus on the inside, there, within himself. And the first thing to treat in this inquiry is the attitude he has toward the illness.

Some deny it, others reject it, others undermine it, others get angry or take advantage, and others are attached and even in love with it and others seek a cure. Whatever the attitude, this is the starting point of the treatment we offer: THE ATTITUDE ONE HAS TOWARD THE ILLNESS.

But one can equally approach it from any technique or method, provided that the healer consciously integrates the concept.

With “Transcendent Healing” (an approach I created in 2008), we do not treat illnesses or patients, we treat the relationship between them. When that relationship heals, one can do many things in the direction of a cure, and of course access the path of healing.

The relationship a person has with others, with money, with illness, is closely linked to the relationship he has with himself.

If you want you can replace the word “illness” with “problem” or “addiction” and re-read this article, you’ll see it takes a much broader sense for your practical life.

Whatever your case, I invite you to go to the jungle to do an intensive and thorough treatment with shamans and Amazonian plants, as wild as wise and powerful, that for thousands of years have guaranteed the health of indigenous people, and that are now available for all of us.

To go to the jungle, to a hostel within a natural environment, is a key part of this process of healing and curing.

Alberto José Varela

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