This is a message received on 24/12/2015:

“Dark forces more powerful than you can imagine are meeting today against you, invales a malgnium dimantis abstec dunaika maldita. you will pay for your greed cockroach nobody will have pity for a damned worm, you deserve to be sacrificed”

Dennise Dominguez [email protected]

I really regret such a derogatory treatment being given to such precious and wise beings as cockroaches and worms. This clearly shows the degree of distortion in the values of the person who has sent me this message. I prefer being called a “demon” because they just exist in the mind of those who believe in them, therefore the denigration of the mentioned insects would be avoided.

This is just one of the many messages that I receive from people who are very passionate about their beliefs, some people call them fanatics, other people say that they are “mentally unbalanced”, but to me they are my friends, sending me love signs according to their own possibilities. There are people who have learned to approach those they admire by attacking them, and there are others who need to project their own resentment towards other people.

The question that you are probably asking yourself is: what have I done to them for them to wish and suggest my death?

Obviously, I may have done things that are perceived as aggressions to some people, and the way they counter-attack is with threats and slanders. Fear acts in this way, but in the end I see a need for love and healing, a search of solutions to the problems of distrust that they still carry.

Before that internal law or moral that radicals of that which is sacred carry, whereby they condemn and attack me, there nothing for me to say or refute, we all know RADICALS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT, and should you dare question it, things get complicated thus you will have to take responsibility for the consequences.

Should I be sacrificed they would be creating a martyr, something that would multiply exponentially this movement of consciousness towards freedom. In this moment a great deal of people are realising that attachments to traditions and cultures are leaving exposed the level of evolution of those who are capable of assaulting or killing in order to defend an ideal.

In reality, I am reaping more advantages than disadvantages; the alleged consequences of the attacks and defamations are mostly gifts of an indescribable value, because all this is creating a big unity and inner force in all people who conform this international organisation. Talking strictly about myself, it inspires me increasingly more every day to write and deepen into myself. All of this allows me to know myself better and to be more connected to my inner source. From that place I want to express myself TO MY BROTHERS, APPARENTLY ENEMIES….

If someday, someone attacks or even kills me, he or she must know something very important: on the one side, that he will be a soul friend simply because I have no enemies, it is an inner decision that I have taken, and there is nobody who could change that reality. I have many people attacking me because they still do not comprehend what I say and do, and it is from that place of impotence or apparent threat that I suppose their beliefs, where fear is activated, fear to lose power, to lose their identity, of someone humiliating them; but in the end, in addition to being my friends, they are brothers on the same path, I affirm it because the reactions that they have are typical of people that realize that they are in a mess and they do not know how to leave it. They believe that I got them into that mess but the only thing that I am doing is expressing several realities seen from different angles in order for everyone to realize wherein the truth lies and after that decide if they want to leave that place or not.

The message issued all over the world from the therapeutic, shamanic and spiritual places is in general: “come, follow me”; my proposal is “come and follow yourself” follow your inner master, do not follow me; if you follow me, I will not have any private life, nor peace and quiet, nor even will I sleep thinking of my followers, because if they follow me, they depend on me, and that situation would be catastrophic to the peace in which I live.

The proposals that have been made to spiritual seekers are based upon promising that some external thing is going to sort out the problems that they have, that someone is going to answer the questions that pursue or torment them. My proposal is that people do not even come to my groups if they are looking for a guru or an outside solution, that if they come they be attentive to the moment when the possibility opens for them to jump inside themselves to find their own resources to solve whatever they need. I am not a solution provider but an inspirer of searchers who want to have autonomy handling their own inner matters.

Affirming that in this organization that I have founded there is no guru to follow and there are no prefabricated solutions to give anybody, is creating many problems for us with many people who hold on to their power based upon the need of dependency, while we work with the release of attachments and beliefs, for this reason they do not want to forgive us, because we are unmasking an undercurrent reality, and on top of that, creating a global movement of people who realise by themselves that in their hearts were looking for the freedom that we are proposing.

We accept and respect that many people need to be attached to traditions and that, from that place, gurus and external solutions are to be proposed, and in addition we allow ourselves to emit this optional or elective signal. So far there was a monopoly in the power of seducing and captivating searchers from all over the world, because the message was more or less the same. “Follow me” “I have the solution that you look for” and from there each one created their own method, towards their own marketing campaign which enabled them to reach their target audience.

Our audience are people who needed what we are offering, it is one of so many groups of seekers and this need not interfere with the others, because the audience who looks outside and wants to depend on external masters is a wide majority and there is a big global market to work with all these people. We are hardly beginning with this movement, and the truth is that we have more difficulties than favours because we are seen as enemies. We are not the best, much less the only ones. We are simply one of the many groups or schools that are different to others. If we are having such a big receptivity it is because there were many people waiting for this proposal.

Another message sent these days:

“Each time we are more those decided to stop your vile business, in a short time we will have enough signatures to stop once and for all your monstrous play of mental manipulation. You are a shame to the cultures from which you have stolen their wisdom to corrupt and transform it into poison that rots the soul and the reason. Damned be he who clouds the mind of his brothers in order to deceive and steal from them. Damned be he who benefits from ignorance and desperation.” Lic. Morey (Lawyer) [email protected]

The first thing to clarify is that I do not have a business. How are they going to stop a business that is not operating? Nobody can become rich with this activity, and if some day we manage to, many will benefit. I am not creditworthy. I BARELY HAVE ANYTHING. Thus, how are they going to take away anything? On the other side, if I have stolen the wisdom of shamanic cultures it is either because it was not wisdom, or it was wisdom that they knew how to transfer to me, perhaps even they did not know how to use it, for this reason it was out of control and is now travelling all over the world. In my opinion, when people who have been manipulating others with rigid and extreme ideas are exposed, the only way to attack is by dubbing as “manipulator” those who are opening the eyes of those previously being manipulated.

Everything these people are saying comes from the same place; they want punishment, death threats, they judge and criticize, they defame and try to destroy and scare. These are different expressions of the same level of love and consciousness that they have to do that. Many people have a register of love so weak and precarious that the only way to express it is through hate, rejection, and the desire of destruction.

Right now I am transmuting the possible interpretations that my reason could have about what they are doing being wrong, there is no trace of destructive thoughts from me towards them, because in fact I feel that they are doing what they can and should do according to the destiny that has created their own conditioning. That destiny could be changing. Actually that is my work, the transformation of destructive attitudes. That people are looking for a deep transformation, in fact there are people who approach this organization to be a member of this movement, acknowledging that it is the moment to make a leap in the evolutionary direction of a consciousness that only wants freedom to be able to light up the real, daily, and human plane.

A proof that the consciousness is free within us will be seen when we act from comprehension, respect and unity. All that which is raised, said, or proposed from a place of division will only create more suffering.

Welcome to all those wishing to add themselves to this movement of unity that is consolidating us as a spiritual family whose name is AYAHUASCA INTERNACIONAL.

We are changing the perception of reality. For this reason I receive these kind of messages:

“You are a thief!! It enrages me to read your trash, all of you should be behind bars, combining capitalism with spirituality, seriously, you are a shameful person”. Rafa x [email protected]

Capitalism and spiritually are two faces of the same human reality. They are not estranged aspects but complementary. Capitalism represents the connection with matter, whilst spirituality represents the inner search. Those who reject the material or the spiritual, who separate both or do not allow them to integrate, will have difficulty with regards to the feeling of unity, which is the only one that can integrate us as beings as human as divine.

Rafa, I am very sorry, forgive me for stealing from you the way you had of seeing issues and life. In your next ayahuasca or therapy sessions you may look into where all that rage comes from. Perhaps I am giving you a clue of something that it is still not resolved.


Each one is free to read or not the trash I write everyday.


Alberto José Varela

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