Industry technology workers from Silicon Valley stimulate their creativity with Ayahuasca sessions.

Just yesterday they called us to organise an Ayahuasca retreat for the workforce of a Swiss bank. The manager had the initiative of creating a space of openness for his people since he researched on the benefits that this shamanic medicine provides for people who work in high-demanding jobs and that need an active source of creative resources.

Ayahuasca is not a pill that one can take during the workday, but a very powerful entheogen substance that requires special precautions and conditions to be taken. Therefore, weekend retreats are the ideal time and space to access this experience. These retreats can last from 2 to 11 days, or even more depending on the desired results. Given that it is a substance that produces vomit and diarrhoea, among other purging physical effects, it is necessary to be accompanied by experts on the subject and/or health professionals.

Everything goes and is possible when we reconnect with the creative source that lives inside us.

In the Silicon Valley industry they know that when a person is him/herself, infinite internal resources of originality and creativity are activated, thus they have turned to Ayahuasca. And if they are paying almost 10,000 Euros per week (over 1,000€ per day and per person) to attend these retreats, it is because they obtain ten times the results. Evidently those process are for a determined purchasing power, but these sessions can go from 100€ and above, depending on the duration, place, and quality of accompaniment.

Even though the Ayahuasca process is not a matter of money or business, but of internal development, health, and wellbeing, it is true that it is increasingly present in competitive enterprises that generate a lot of jobs and money.

It is known that moviemakers have been inspired by Ayahuasca in the creation and direction of very successful movies, such as Avatar. I have met one of the managers of IBM who took ayahuasca every Thursday, since on Fridays he held meetings with all his executives. According to him, the day after ayahuasca is fantastically creative, which allowed him to find solutions and answers in an original and natural way to the situations raised by his directive elite.

It seems like “being oneself” is linked to having solved blockages based on childhood repressions and with liberating conditionings that were imposed during our education; this means that to be oneself, the individual has to access a therapeutic process which supports or helps to connect with one truly is, beyond what one has been made to believe. At the same time, this inner development process (be it therapeutic and/or spiritual) is related to the connection with the creative source and dare to bring it out without any concern, with charm and naturalness.

We are speaking of one of the most valued and impactful values in our lives: CREATIVITY, which deep down is made of SPONTANEITY, which has a FREE AND WILD nature that inhabits the core of our BEING. Every human BEING is essentially creative. This is the great individual capital.

I have been dedicating myself to creativity in many ways for 4 decades, but I must admit that since I took ayahuasca some 15 years ago, my authenticity and originality levels sharply increased. Tremendously crazy ideas were born in me (in the sense that they are outside the norm) that I bring to light and prove the power they had when they came into contact with other people.  This is why I can affirm that creativity is a value from which marvellous ideas are born and make an authentic life full of passion.

Every idea born out of creativity is destined to explode, like a powerful bomb that expands as far as it can, carrying the grace and charm of originality… that which always surprises us.

This article is barely the introduction to a series of publications I will make while developing this exhilarating subject, which to me is like the blood that courses through my veins.


Alberto José Varela


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