CONVERSATIONS WITH… YOUR INNER MASTER (10 words can say it all) and enlightening testimony about the side effects of Ayahuasca


It cures ailments, frees emotions, expands consciousness, triggers the need for giving and sharing, provokes blossoming (video testimonial at end of this article)


A question from a student to Alberto Varela, director of the European Ayahuasca School:

How can I flourish?

“I want to flourish because I feel that I have the power to do everything I want, but I’m in a process in which I realized that, to become a flower, I have to learn how to “be a human” first. To discover the wonderful nature of what I am. To discover the human in me, to be able shout and sing with love and fulfilment: “This human IS ME!”. This is what I need to be able to flourish.

I’m in a process of understanding everything and when I take ayahuasca this understanding happens, I can see my life and myself with clarity. I can see how beautiful I am and how wonderful is life. But then days go by and I forget, I get distracted and stop understanding.”

“I would like to remember those lovely things without having to take ayahuasca, I would like my consciousness to be open and active all day.”

“Can you please tell me anything about it?”


The first thing you should consider is that there is a misunderstanding, you think you have to flourish, but in reality you are already flourishing, and that’s the problem you have, you do not accept that such a precious thing is happening to you, you had not considered it as an option for your life, it surprised you. We were taught to suffer, not to flourish, to be closed before life and love. But everything’s different now.

Your soul, who knows a lot about what had to happen to you so that you blossomed, guided you through very different ways than those your parents and society taught you. Now you are in default, you are different, you are abandoning your past, you made decisions that are changing the course of your life, you are accepting and you are learning to love; you no longer want to suffer, you are seeing how wonderful you are, you understand that another life was waiting for you, and now you’re living it; to get there, you have taken ayahuasca many times, you did psychotherapeutic integrations, you went to the jungle with shamans, and now that you understood, you want it to stay there forever, but without having to make any effort, or having to do nothing, not even taking ayahuasca.

I have “bad” news for you: this is possible. And that’s not the only thing and must tell you; “Existence takes care of everything, there is nothing to do” (10 words highly conflictual for the ego). I mean, it’s bad news precisely for your ego, as it confronts you to give up the idea that you have to do something to flourish, the very essence of human nature is BLOSSOMING, you have no choice. You are inquiring into human nature and discovering it for yourself. But man has developed a model of life and coexistence in the world based on slavery, and thus has managed to almost completely cancel the possibility of flourishing. There are many social and educational ways to turn human beings into a suffering, dependent and indifferent to love and life being. Now, returning to your own human nature connected you with the expansive essence, and you’re in trouble. Stop suffering and dedicate to enjoyment.

On the other hand, the situation in which you find yourself challenges you to have to go beyond your own understanding. This is something even deeper and more complicated than the above, since the nature of understanding is limited, which makes its charm and mystery. The wonderful thing is that understanding has limits, infinite limits; this is the miracle of expansion and transcendence that requires a mechanism on human and material planes that stands a limit so that consciousness is challenged to overcome this; when an understanding reaches its limit, it has to take a leap, otherwise it doesn’t expand, consciousness does not develop and therefore you can’t go beyond yourself. It is an endless process that doesn’t only come from this life, it is eternal, therefore, when a human being explores his flourishing nature he inevitably connects with eternity, with his own infinity embodied in his being.

Your limits and prisons are the miracle, it had to be this way for you to understand. Love your limits, lovingly accept the situations taking you to the limit of your possibilities, because when that happens, you will be facing a wonderful opportunity to open up more and more …

Incomprehension is the mechanism used by consciousness on this material plane to prepare you to you take another leap; but you consider incomprehension as a failure, when in fact it is the transformative phenomenon: so that you can be aware of your misunderstandings.

Therefore, I told you at first: “IT’S A LITTLE MISUNDERSTANDING, YOU’RE ACTUALLY BLOSSOMING”. Please enjoy each incomprehension because they will enable you to open your heart to the expansion of your consciousness a thousand times, and if this happens, it is the guarantee of your permanent openness to share your essence with others.

“Blossoming occurs only when you live on the edge of the potential.”

Some more words said by another master that, if understood, will take you on a trip to infinity…



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Alberto José Varela

Alberto José Varela