COME AND FOLLOW YOURSELF: The Inner Evolution® proposal. The breaking of a historical spiritual inquiry paradigm for a new type of seekers.


Inner Evolution occurs when we are stewards of our own power of transformation.

The simplest teachings seem so easy and obvious that we usually take them for granted. But when we verify that they are not being applied in real life, this is when we check that they have not been assimilated.

“TO GO INWARDS” is a such an overused phrase in the therapeutic, philosophical and spiritual worlds, that it has become a thought, an idea or a fantasy rather than a reality. The most striking proof is that teachers, gurus, and enlightened people are still being sought to guide us; outside solutions are sought; techniques and therapies are sought that solve the internal.

Ever since the spiritual search arose in human beings, there have always been two sides: those who want ask, and those who give answers. In other words, the group that is awake and the group that is asleep, of the wise and ignorant. It could be said in this sense that the majority group is the one that is lost or confused. For that reason, another minority knows what to answer or how lead towards the way out because it has already found it. An awakening of consciousness has been associated with those who respond with wisdom. For that reason they try to awaken those who ask or approach them in order to find a solution from their slumber.

Being asleep guarantees a level of unconsciousness sufficient to be able to maintain suffering at a distance, to avoid realising the harsh situation in which the person who is asleep finds themselves. Awakening is something complicated that few brave or courageous people can attain. They intuit they are living in an illusion and therefore seek to manage to see what is behind the reality they perceive.


Am I asleep, am I waking up or am I awake? In which group are you? In which group do you want to be? In what group can you be? … These questions mark the beginning of an exciting journey into yourself.
Getting to see what is beyond appearances gives a lot of power. In a certain sense, every human who awakens has power over those who are asleep, and that power can be used in many ways. One of them is to try to awaken the consciousness of those whose consciousness is asleep. That is why they can enter the dreams of their sleeping disciples to realise the call of awakening. It’s a wonderful job that many teachers have done.

Until now, that power to enter inside other people has not been used at its maximum possibility. It has only been used to create admiration, attraction and curiosity, which has allowed to create very nice spiritual dreams about waking up in seekers, but it has not been used to transfer power. When someone begins to awaken, the first thing they see is someone who has tickled them or inspired them to wake up. That is why most people get caught up in the surrender to the person who has woken them up, and in that moment of renouncing themself, they go back to sleep.

Attempting to awaken others has been an insufficient act so far, although it has been part of the inner evolution game. Because if those who are waking up do not assume responsibility for themselves, or take responsibility for their own power, then that attempt to awaken is reduced to a spurious use of power to dominate or control instead of liberating. That’s where so many spiritualised people come from. If the little power they had was in their sincere search, by being converted into followers or disciples, the possibility of their empowerment is nullified. What little power they have is robbed of them.

What or who are you following at this time? The intermediate step.
It is true that those who know, those who are enlightened or have awakened their consciousness have something to share with others. But beyond those experiences, wisdom or comprehension that they have and have shared, they have always aligned themselves in proposing more or less the same thing: TO FOLLOW SOMEONE OR SOMETHING. The strategy of the sleeping mind that does not want to awaken is to approach a source of wisdom-be it a teacher, guru or eloquent philosopher- and after a process of falling in love with them, to begin to follow them or follow their philosophy, their proposal, their ideology… Precisely, a call to something or someone who provides answers or solutions is obediently answered, in order for them to end up surrendering as a follower or disciple. So far this mechanism has not served much to empower spiritual seekers.


Inner Evolution®: a solution inspired by YOU. The method is only a means to an end.
The Inner Evolution method breaks with this historical paradigm whose tendency has been to put attention, admiration and love outside of you. We are proposing a solution inspired by you, by you, and for you and therefore in each one of us. We know, from comprehension and in contrast with real life, that everything that goes inwards has the possibility of becoming individual power, and then it can go outwards in a format redesigned by consciousness, sharing it with others and with everything that surrounds us through love, understanding, freedom, trust …


From potential to FLOURISHING. The basis of the transformation.
This process in which internal potentiality becomes an external flourishing is so tremendously transformative we have called it Inner Evolution.

It is the therapeutic-spiritual-philosophical method that we use in the retreats organised by the  INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL company, where all kinds of shamanic medicines such as, Ayahuasca, Kambo, Bufo, etc. are shared, with the purpose of activating the process of inner mastery that leads our participants to an inevitable empowerment in themselves: this is the basis for transforming life.

That is why we are launching this proposal worldwide, after having verified in thousands of people that what works is individual power, when it can be used for deep inquiry into oneself, and not as worship, loyalty or devotion to any thing or person that is outside of ourselves.

That’s why we can say “COME AND FOLLOW YOURSELF”

It is a calling that has the purpose of returning you to the source of power in you.

In the conferences given by Alberto Varela, Laura Torrabadella, Sergio Sanz and other Inner Evolution® speakers, we will delve into the central points of this process of empowerment.


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