Chileans are … All that may be said after those three words is a lie or half-truth, which is the same. Whether it is good or bad, or good and bad at the same time it is also limited. The attitude of using adjectives or partial descriptions of how Chileans are perceived is part of the problem to be solved.

How much truth is there in what is said about Chileans? Especially because of the fact that they are the ones who qualify themselves, and usually with a certain harshness. Being Chileans who speak of Chileans they should have some solid arguments to talk,
and probably they do, but neither complete nor definitive.

The temptation to somehow define a certain group of people comes from long ago and from almost all civilizations, and has led us to many mistakes in the past, many of them tragic for human coexistence. It is clear that you can define a society generalizing, stigmatising and drawing conclusions, for example there are those who define society in many ways and with hard data “Society of fatigue”, “consumer society”, “Society of acceleration “,” depressive society ” “unsatisfied society “.

It is said that we live in a hell where everything is considered according to the price. That in this world there is no place for faith, spirituality or transcendence.

In the very act of stigmatising a society the worst ideas it has about itself are screwed onto it. It is an act which disapproves certain groups of people. Given this collective disaster, which also affects people, the only option left is for each person to save him or herself.
It is obvious that society is lost, and they mistreat themselves in a self-destructive act,
but only the individuals who form it can begin to find, recognise and treat themselves as they deserve, Generalising per se is destructive, and the nature of any definition comes from the need to label and draw conclusions about people to disqualify them.

In essence humans are passionate about detracting, rejecting, repudiating and degrading. A kind of self compensation practiced unconsciously to relieve suffering for the poor image they have of themselves, especially those who label and criticize; or also as a projection of an internal wound.
Although I must admit that criticism is a very successful journalistic style, attracting many readers who claim to be self-critical and objective, it is also a lifestyle for many people.

All criticism is destructive by nature when it does not have a plan or a proposal out to what is criticized. Criticizing without intending to solve is to destroy. Criticizing without giving clues for solutions is part of the involution process that we carry for centuries.

Obviously there is a very deep psychological background in the need to define and classify people, whether it is by what it is said they are, by what they pretend to be or by what they have, do or think. But everyone will know what to do with that background.

As far as I am concerned, and if you allow me, I want to do something from my own understanding of this matter. And the first thing is to tell you that if you were born in Chile you do not need to be Chilean, nationality is not what you are or has anything to do with your true essence. But this concept is something that very few come to understand, that is why there are so many wars in the world.

Nationality is only one part of your identity, and identity as a whole is a thick layer of masks trying to define us and protect us against the others; identity is actually what we are not. From identity inward we can see what we are, if we dare to transcend the hypocrisy in which we were raised. I mean to start an internal path of self-knowledge, which reveals to us the reality of our essence or true identity.
It will be a transforming experience.

You are not what you do, what you believe, what you think or what you have lived, neither are you what you eat or what you have; you’re much more than all that together; what you are is beyond all these partial parts, no matter how beautiful or positive they are. I am saying that you cannot define a mystery.

If it is said that Chileans are extremists, banal, ambitious, consumers, depressive, materialistic and superficial, it must be that they have great potential to be balanced, humble, focused, happy, spiritual and deep. If they have not discovered and demonstrated it so far -at least the majority- it is because they have not had the opportunity nor the conditions that inspire them to bring out what they truly are. Circumstances have made them go to the other end. In this sense Chileans are perfect, believe it or not. Because every human being is what he/she has been able to be so far, and until we have the opportunity to be otherwise we will remain the same, caught in beliefs and stigmas, wasting the potential that beats within us as a divine energy, virgin and unexplored.
My proposal is to return to the origin … of what we are, and the individual level. From there, the flower can blossom and be authentic, and if we are many, we will be able to create many beautiful gardens.

All my “Inner Evolution” method depends on a transcendent vision of what we are. I am going to Chile to demonstrate the potential there is at the individual level in many Chileans who yearn to leave the familiar, safe and comfort zone to venture into the unknown, which surely will challenge them but fear can not stop them, because basically they know what they are, they were just waiting for the time and circumstances to remember their essence beyond what they appeared to be.

This approach is for daring people, for those willing to detach from certainty, for those who do not hesitate to downplay everything learned, and for those who do not want to create or belong to any dogma. Since freedom is what is at the basis of any real transformation. Truth has never been available to any totalitarianism.

Every social or cultural conditioning, religious or political, educational or familial serves to protect and internally refine the eternal and inherent qualities we bring when we are born. I do not see conditioning and the current situation as a tragedy but as a natural result of having forgotten who we are, or rather “of what we are.”

That is why I say that the challenge is purely personal and inward, and about transcending any individual conditioning, not in a group. For everything that limits us as unique and unrepeatable beings is inside, not outside. So I want to take a close look at the fact that:

“Change is strictly personal, not social.”

“Every transformation originally occurs inside, and inevitably affects the outside.”

“Wanting to change a family or a society is impossible if it does not begin with those who form it”.

“On the basis of all social change are individuals creating new models within themselves”

I have been asked why I am going to Chile, What I am going for,
I have the honour of having excellent Chilean facilitators and collaborators (women) living in Chile and in Europe; and I assure you that they have nothing to do with all what is said pejoratively or partially of Chileans. In fact it is a Chilean who has collaborated with all this display of my visit to Chile. It is who leads Ayahuasca International page in Chile, and who responds to all emails. Another Chilean is who makes the ortho-grammatical correction of the books I publish. Another one is collaborating in Sweden and another Chilean is one of the deepest followers of my blog; all of them show a great mystery to be discovered. Each of them has given me hints and counselling to see what lies behind the Chilean. And it is that vision beyond all bias which gives me a very different perception to everything that is said about them. This is what I want to convey.

I am going to Chile simply to contact at least “one” single person. That is enough. Not with a Chilean man or woman but a human being. That is all. That’s how I started this multinational company with which we reach millions of people around the world, contacting one single person from my soul; and that is the most important sense that I can hold in my heart. Because those of us who are devoted to the change of individuals know that we must first begin at home, and then if someone is interested, he/she will seek to contact whoever had already done it. It is not a matter of theories and philosophies, or titles or recognition, but rather a real experience of transformation.

What I take to others is not precisely knowledge, because the only thing I have to offer is my own experience of how I could escape the prisons of identity that caught me.

The appointment will be confrontational, but I do not think that it daunts you.
I will discuss how meditation and ayahuasca have helped me in my own transformation.

I will share some of the thousands of things that happened to me so that my life no longer can remain the same as it was.

Alberto José Varela
[email protected]

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