The ex front-man of the Mexican group, Mario Domm, assures he has been  unblocked.

The singer Mario Domm was able to overcome the creative block that he was suffering from, caused by years of working intensively with the group Camila, by attending a mystical ceremony in Tulum (Mexico) in which he drank ayahuasca – a brew used by indigenous Amazonian villages in order to reach elevated states of consciousness – which changed his life forever.

“When you have a career like ours, people expect things from us and from me as an artist. This was starting to frustrate me and restricting my creativity. So one day I said ‘I can’t do this any more, I need to be able to create as if it were my first song.’ I participated in a spiritual ayahuasca ceremony and from there my life changed completely. The next day I was writing my next record”, explained Mario on Ismael Cala’s Spanish programme on CNN.

That experience pushed Mario to take up his work with Camila again after taking a break between 2012 to 2014 because he felt “reborn”.

“Changes are hard and for me it was like being reborn. The pineal gland has a liquid that only secretes at the moment of death and birth, but with ayahuasca you are able to secrete it in your life. For me it was a creative awakening. The most impactful experiences of my life have been ayahuasca, my marriage to my wife and the birth of my son. It is the only religious experience I have had since I was born”, he added.


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