The most humble social classes to film stars are grateful for the ayahuasca benefits.

The controversial actress Lindsay Lohan stated that well known “Ayahuasca” changed her life as it completely alleviated the stress she suffered from.

Lindsay told the media that she went to a shaman in the Peruvian jungle and when trying ayahuasca felt hallucinations which led her to see her own birth and death. All this helped her understand and leave behind the “remains of the past”.

Now Lindsay Lohan has a new lease of life. Away from scandals, she recently completed her community service after eight years of legal battles stemming from a number of crimes committed when her life was out of control. Her community service involved work in a New York shelter with LGBT children where she worked up to 12 hour shifts to ensure the completion of her sentence and to free herself from that phase of her sombre past.

Lindsay said to the magazine Sunday Times Style when her probation ended: “I don’t think there is anyone who thought I was going to finish my community service but I did it, and this is why I am happy”

The film star’s new passions are meditation, ayahuasca and full body cryotherapy.


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