Expansion is the experience of a universe that is inhaling deeply, creating inspiring spaces that allow us to evolve through the journey of consciousness.

The union of small, tiny and invisible particles have given rise to the formation of the entire universe. From a human body to gigantic suns and stars. In the whole course of creation, natural shocks are produced by the influence of gravitational waves. They make celestial objects attract and impact eachother, and break and melt. It doesn’t matter what happens because, in the end, their volume will always increase. And as they grow larger they become more susceptible to more external impacts, like magnets attracting more and more objects from eternity, arriving as divine sperm to fertilise, enrich and expand.

This briefly describes the journey we are making towards infinity. A journey of powerful and evolving encounters. That is why the universe in which we live is getting bigger and bigger. And the same thing happens to us both on the physical and spiritual human planes. Not only is this a visible and demonstrable reality in scientific terms, but it can also be felt in the impetuous longing that arises from the depths of human feeling. For that reason reproductive cells duplicate exponentially until they create a new body. It’s the same reason why the heart tries to explode with each time it pumps, or by which the lungs expand their space with each inhalation. But consciousness also wants to enlarge, and it does so by producing an understanding that expands our essence. Every part of every living organism, both material and energetic, responds to the same process, but in different ways.

We do our utmost to be great, to travel, to grow, to enter unknown spaces, to reach the highest peaks, to want to reach the limit of all things. Although reaching the end of the infinite is a fantasy, we can not resist going to those confines. This is our direction because we are guided by the impulse of an expansive essence. On this road to nowhere, we are exploring and seeing landscapes that give meaning to living while being conscious of it. Little by little, the possibility of entering into the mystery opens up.



All human movement has always been ruled in some way by that expansive code that inhabits our subatomic particles. That’s why atoms become molecules; and these become cells that are masterfully assembled to become organs. These are organised in harmonic symphony, meeting with tissues and complex systems to form a perfect living organism, all within a membrane that gives us the appearance of being separated from the rest. When we are ready to live, there is the inevitable need to get together with others; to form groups, to socialise, to gather around affinities, to form teams, to create a family; in short, to unite and increase in volume. What astrobiologists call “homogeneous accretion” is the accretion of a body through the aggregation and union of other minor bodies that choose union before the separation.

As long as this universe continues inhaling, we will be slaves of this blessed expansion. Apparently it distances us, because by traveling, distances grow and particles move away from each other. We are traveling from one point towards infinite directions. But that phenomenon also produces a subatomic process of search for closeness. This “phenomenon of homogeneous accretion” on the one hand defines the need for particles, that travel through the universe, to seek and attract, guided by gravitational fields. Those energies that cause them to meet and unite form stars that in turn will later travel in orbit around a sun that caresses them to awaken life. And on the other hand it defines human relationships very well: attraction, shocks, distance and coming closer. Everything serves to fulfil the mission imposed by that expansive impulse. The one in which while we are moving away as if we wanted to be more and more alone, deep down and at the same time we are looking for closeness. Like it or not, it is what governs our intentions.



This blog is the product of the same phenomenon: “Wanting to go further”, “Trying to reach more hearts”, “Moving to get closer to others”.

We can play this harmonic symphony where we find the duality of finding ourselves, and find ourselves again both alone and united in this project.

To place a message that will travel through the words, in this virtual spacecraft, in the consciousness of many .

The world, is so immense, that wanting to reach everyone and everything seems unattainable. Nothing reaches, either by digital means, or through social networks, and even mobile devices are not enough.

Everything we do to fulfil our internal longing to “reach you” is little. With each word that caresses your heart, we will be achieving what life has inspired us to do.

Therefore, as an organisation, we affirm that our destiny is expansion. We say this as a company, but it is also very personal. Because along with it we are saying something that commits and challenges us all; that our essence is traveling, that our love is expanding, that our understanding grows and that when trust reaches the moment of blossoming, it detaches itself from the tree to travel inevitably towards others. It falls into the hands of others after a long process of maturing.

Maturing is also an arduous internal journey. And that is precisely what we are doing: we are meeting others to encourage each other to mature, to be ourselves. And when this happens another internal miracle of unknown dimensions then occurs: that we find the freedom of our Being. By embracing the other as they are, is how and when we experience flight. Our Being leaves, as if we were empty inside as we have dared to go back to the original state in which only nothing existed. That is why we are so afraid to love, because it is to abandon what we thought we were to go towards the encounter of what has always been. It is what they call “merging with the whole”

Our coming closer challenges the universal expansive tendency. It would seem that we were against the expansive journey, because in each encounter with the other a process of fusion and integration always begins. It is the hidden intention that directs our soul. In uniting ourselves, the need to fly also arises. Therefore all movements are in the expansive background, because they are inspired by the pure and healthy intention of being closer to the origin, so much so that at some point we become one. It is what we have called LOVE on earth.

At this moment I am alone in a hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay, waiting to travel to Spain. I chose just this moment of solitude to write something that has to do with the people that are connected to me and that I love so much, and that accompany me in this beautiful experience of flying together. Welcome to you in this adventure of traveling alone and apparently separated from the rest. In this wonderful journey you can realise at any moment, that there is neither displacement nor distance, but only one destiny to reunite ourselves in communion.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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