Anxiety is the inability to be situated in oneself or to find inner peace.

ANXIETY is the psychophysical and emotional result that arises from the constant attempt to avoid a failure that is pictured as catastrophic in the mind. It is a constant struggle with a future that does not exist and woven with the material of a past that hurt us.

It is to pre-occupy oneself, to inoculate oneself with suffering to alleviate a supposed future suffering. To programme oneself on a basis of reactions.

A state of alarm that immerses you in a haze of floating threat where you have to be prepared for external or internal danger, because at any moment you can mess it up or they can attack you.

From a biological point of view, anxiety is in fact an adaptive response that prepares the body for fight or flight. Except that when there is a danger situation where life is at risk, this response moves from a place of objectivity to lose itself in the seas of subjectivity. That is, when faced with any stimulus that is interpreted as dangerous, anxiety begins to spread through a phenomenon of generalization. In most cases,our identity is what is most in danger as it must see itself defended day by day, repaired and sustained before an alleged external attack or possible internal failure. This misinterpreted internal fault repairs itself with an internal attack that it uses as a false teaching tool: guilt.

Meaning that on the one hand we have “rational” anxiety, which is punctual and instinctive, and on the other “irrational” anxiety or a metastasis of that natural adaptive response that quivering in the bustling cancer of our beliefs does not cease in seeing danger where there really isn’t any.

This irrational anxiety is sometimes shaped in a certain way giving rise to various general scenarios of concrete symptomatology such as:

– Phobias: In the individual not allowing themselves to feel fear and expose themselves to it, it makes it impossible for the wave of emotion to reach its peak, preventing the understanding that is generated on the way down. In this way, the fear of fear is incubated until the person is left first, in a fragile state of hypersensitivity (like skin subjected to constant friction), and secondly, at a threshold that causes their fear to be conditioned or related with anything, such as flying in an aeroplane, or insects … That explains why that level of fear can be reached even though a childhood trauma may have never taken occurred.

Panic Attack Disorder: These episodes are often opportunities to cross an inner portal but what happens is that they tend to be slowed down instead of being propelled to their peak. Curiously, crises or attacks are an expansion of the person’s consciousness produced by the change of alkalinity of their body that they generate themselves by the “oxygen kick” that they get after hyperventilation due to panic. The point is that this is seen by the person as an indication that they are going crazy instead of seeing it as an opportunity to transcend.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders: The person organizes their whole life to prevent something that they fear will happen, or to avoid becoming someone they do not want to be. And that way they live by checking and checking themselves in a constant and maddening approval.

Generalised Anxiety Disorders and constant worry

Social Phobia: They are afraid to speak in public or feel constantly judged by others.

Depersonalization: (They look in the mirror and do not recognize themselves, there is an emotional distance with the reflection) or they derealize themselves (they see the world as if they were inside a glass bottle).

Anxiety is fear of fear.

To live in anxiety is to be a disciple of fear and guilt. Two false teachers who pontificate mandates and frighten from the throne that they build on our dysfunctional beliefs.

Anxiety is getting up in the morning thinking “I should”, “I have to”. The summary of anxiety is “I do not know where I’m going but I’m late.”

It is to stay on the surface of what one feels, on the tide of emotions for fear of descending into the deep and serene ocean of feeling.

Anxiety lives in the imaginary space that exists between the present and a future, woven with the material of the past.

Inner evolution retreats with psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca allow self-limiting beliefs about oneself and life to be deactivated, which are precisely the unconscious argument sustained by anxiety and by those who constantly sell ideas to our minds of which steps to take next, without stopping to breathe, and with the edge of a sword hanging over our heads. That way those beliefs, whose spokesman is the voice that speaks in our head, incite us by projecting dark horizons in our mind.

Anxiety is an altered state of consciousness. When a person takes ayahuasca, the disturbance dissolves and the symptomatic part that on many occasions does not allow us to see the nucleus located under impotence and indignity disappears. It is an impotence that leads to despair, frustration and hopelessness and that is also egoic since it is the constant attempt to be what we are not, to build a house of cards with bits from here and there; achievements, aims, goals and promises that drink from our past and that lead us to believe that far from Being, we are really a little Frankenstein, an impotence from the desperate attempt to know. A cheap fix way to try and keep us in constant trial and error, a house built on quicksand. And that belief in what we are not keeps us constantly in the search of false dignity.

Anxiety is only the symptom of something deeper. Many people ask if taking ayahuasca will aggravate their anxiety or if it will give them an anxiety attack. But it is not so. The first thing it does is relax, leading you then to discover that beyond all these fears lies the greatest fear of all, the fear of freedom. As Soren Kierkegaard said in front of a cliff when he felt the same desire to jump into the unknown as to go back: “Anxiety is the vertigo of freedom.” Vertigo of knowing that you have all the options at your disposal but … Which one do I choose? What if I make a mistake?

Taking ayahuasca presents you your life in front of your eyes and gives you the opportunity to take a different attitude to it. Now you can jump and trust or keep controlling. Those who trust experience the trust and peace that it bestows. They see the end in itself that is to trust, the gift they receive and its intrinsic value, and they realize how they could live if they trusted day to day. Those who control, however, continue to drown in the cold walk-in fridge from where they dominate their lives, because control is an anxiolytic that generates tolerance like any drug making them increasingly have to control more, being eventually held in an existential claustrophobia and kicking around in a travelling coffin.

Anxiety is wanting to control everything. If you dare to let go you will realize that nothing happened as was seen by your mind, and you will understand that fear was a threshold to cross into an inner paradise, a road-sign indicating the way. As if you were a bird flying over a field frightened by seeing a scarecrow but then realizing that far from being a threat actually it is a sign that there is food, and then falling head first down towards the treasure; that treasure that is inside and of which it is so afraid… It has been said a lot that we are afraid of ourselves, but it is not so. The fear is about what one believes themselves to be, because what you are is love and fear is the denial of that love.

If you take the leap and give yourself the gift of coming to one of our retreats, it will be like going into space-time and a discovery that the voice that told you that life was more than living in preparation not suffer was right. And then you will be welcomed to “be” completely and without “being reserved” and life will cease to be an escape and instead be a noble, peaceful and sweet encounter with the essence.

The doors are already opening and we are here to accompany you…

Sergio Sanz

[email protected]


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