“Thanks Andres Cordoba for your voice and for being yourself, even in what you say against me.”

I dedicate this piece of writing to this wonderful singer Andres Cordoba, who has been part of thousands of Ayahuasca tomas  organised by me with his songs, he has divinely inspired us with his lyrics and he also shows to have a leadership gift and a special power with words not only singing, but also talking as he shows in his video, where he talks about me and about the organization that I have founded. I feel sorry I do not know you, but not long ago I told my friend Darwin Grajales that I would invite you to join us on a tour around Europe, singing and giving Yage to people who listen to you but do not know you.

More than 10 years ago I heard Andres Cordoba for the first time, his songs had been recorded and brought by my son Elian from Colombia, I immediately became so moved and touched by what I was hearing that I saved it on a folder in my computer called VOICE OF POWER, to define this amazing Colombian singer’s songs.

In more than a hundred Ayahuasca sessions I have been using Andres Cordoba’s songs   to inspire participants to connect with their inner power, the voice of who is singing is very important to guide the processes. This also inspired to start singing, playing my guitar and composing songs.

A few days ago, while I was listening to one of his songs, I received news of a recorded video denouncing myself and Ayahuasca International the movement I founded some years ago), while I listened to his declarations, I imagined how marvelous it would be for him to be able to sing all that which he was saying about me, even if against me, because he sounded so sure of everything he was saying that it was a script for singing in and of itself. Furthermore, if he could write a song about it, the message that he wants to give and denounce would reach more people than the video.

In the video he says that I am Argentinian, I abuse indigenous, I am not authorized by shamans to use Ayahuasca or Yage, I do not help taitas or shamans who owner shamanic medicines, that I have committed abuse amongst many other things. But I am not going to defend myself nor attack he who is attacking me. I simply cannot, and I am not going to play this power game, I will play the game of RECOGNITION.

Many of my collaborators wanted me to resolve this misunderstanding issue, trusting that this situation could be turned around and used to heal old and painful wounds. Unfortunately I cannot solve anything because I do not feel hurt; were it so, I would be very interested to clarify everything being said, but I have no intention to do it because I do not feel any pain or injustice. I only feel the need to be thankful to Andres Cordoba, I do not have any other place in my heart other than being grateful and RECOGNISING the important part that he has occupied in my inner evolution with his songs and lyrics.

Following the immense amount of readers that this blog has, I thought it was interesting to openly expose the conflict of the shamanic world, since there are many people who write to me wanting to know what happens. It seems healthy to me that you can see the power struggles, the unnecessary resentments and the problems that occur between people who do not even know each other, as is the case of Andrés Córdoba with me. If I had any single photo with him I would have put it on, but I have never been on the phone or e-mail with Andres.

Usually gossip, interpretations, preconceived ideas and unfounded comments produce misunderstandings.  It is my heart’s desire for them to be diluted and even dissolve. I feel that Andrés Cordoba has been himself in what he has said and done, and I respect that, too. I can only assure that I am being myself in what I do, and I feel so much respect and gratitude for all those who have supported, taught, inspired and guided me on this precious path of healing and personal fulfillment.

Alberto Jose Varela.
[email protected]


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