We propose to you a musical, poetic and heartfelt experience, we want to share that which we have received from Ayahuasca, from the jungle, from the shamans, and all the therapists in our path

Antonio Siano, until recently was a great businessman in Italy who, for several reasons he will share, had an unexpected change in his life after attending INNER MASTERY retreats. Now he is our organisation’s manager in Italy, travels several European countries, touring while directing Ayahuasca and Bufo Alvarius sessions while accompanying with his guitar and voice; he will tell us how his process has being going and then will attend a private retreat in a villa in Ibiza.

Erik Moreno, composer, musician, singer, and professor at the European School of Ayahuasca on the subject: USAGE OF JUNGLE PLANTS FOR HEALTH. He is Colombian and has spent years in the jungle, learning from healers. In Europe he has studied as a psychotherapeutic integrator and directs the two Holistic Epicentres in Torino and Rome, in Italy. He will then proceed to give a conference and a concert in central hotel in Rome.

Bruno, César, Aitor, Alberto, Monica, and many more musicians and singers will also gather for this opportunity, sharing the wonderful experience of travel the world while taking natural medicine to thousands of people and accompanying their transformation processes undergone in the retreats.

Elian Varela will share spontaneous poetry, from the heart.

Laura Torrabadella, lawyer, therapist and facilitator of Ayahuasca International has a lot to tell us about the expansion around over 15 countries of the work we propose.

Alberto Varela will tell us secrets about the phenomenon of reaching over 6 million readers in his blog within a year and a half, writing about Inner Evolution, experiences with entheogens, healing processes and psychotherapeutic methods.

There will be brief conferences of 5-10 minutes each by:

OSCAR GÓMEZ: An authority on the subject. An international speaker. Expert on expanded states of consciousness. Psychologist and holistic psychotherapist. With 38 years of clinical experience, 16 years of ayahuasca and psychotherapy experience. Counsellor and facilitator of Ayahuasca International. Professor at the European School of Ayahuasca.

SERGIO SANZ: Facilitator and integrator in processes of expanded consciousness, clinical psychologist, professor at the European School of Ayahuasca, researcher of the mystical effects of entheogens and co-creator of the Program for Recovery from Addiction through the psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca.

Reservations: (entrance 5 euros)

Madrid Conference


19:30 a 21:30 C/Ronda Segovia 50

[email protected]

(With the entrance you will get a 50 euro discount on any of our retreats, or a 5 euro discount on products from the store when paying 20 euros or more.) There will be a store with Amazonian crafts and natural products.

Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe.

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