Transcendent Healing is a healing method healing for people who are awake.

There are many healing methods for people who are asleep, including therapeutic and spiritual, and they work very well. They are very effective in preventing people from waking up, or in postponing the decision to awaken; that is why they specialise in keeping them asleep, sleepy, even making them dream that awakening has happened or can happen. But they are still sleeping.

It is logical that most people want to continue sleeping. It is the most comfortable, safe, satisfying state, as well as the least confronting. I can assure you of this because I have been there. It is something very pleasant to turn over and over in bed a thousand times before I really wake up to start a new day of life. The sheets are warm, soft and the pillow is  so nice; that in that moment we use one and thousand excuses not to get up. That is why I affirm that it is logical that the human being wants to continue sleeping, because if it were to awaken, it would have to start seeing things differently. It would have to face responsibilities and daily tasks, which is much less comfortable and pleasant than staying in bed.

In the spiritual sense, the human being does not want to wake up because that would mean opening its eyes very wide to see. It would mean opening the heart to feel, to traverse life knowing what it is and what is in it. Awakening is letting in the light so that everything is illuminated. Awakening is renouncing the old vision of reality, a distorted and partial vision. Awakening is opening up to a change of perception, it is disbelieving what the eyes see, in order to see beyond. It is to recognise that there is more, much more, beyond what the eyes see. And those visions make us uncomfortable because they make us rethink the model of life we have built to live comfortably.

Unconsciousness has been and is the greatest business that has existed in the human species. Almost all creatives in the world, waste their creativity, devoting themselves to creating things to keep millions of people entertained who want to live in a state of unconsciousness. Because in the depths of your unconscious, you do not want to realise the situation that you have to go through. To take on this existence is really very painful, in principle, as distressing as it is liberating because after going through the bewilderment that occurs when you open your eyes, you can access enjoyment, gratitude and love for all that has touched us.

Awakening is, in a certain sense uncomfortable, confronting and worrying because it opens us the understanding of who we are, where we come from, where we are going and why we are here now. And this is something so complex to understand that it is better to continue sleeping, or at least in a state of self-deception that we have awakened.

The dream of being awake is the most exquisite dream that our mind creates to avoid real awakening. That is why I said at the beginning that there are many healing methods that have been created, designed and taught by people who are asleep. People who are even recognised as “awakened” by “sleeping” followers.

It is an ideal situation: living asleep but believing that we are awake. It is the most sophisticated part of the illusion.

Surely, many people who really want to wake up, will recognise in themselves that until now they had not awakened, although they had believed themselves to have done so. Sometimes a few words sneak into the dreams of those who are asleep and they realise they are not awake. I welcome all of them to a new international club of people who recognise they are asleep. People who can see that they were living believing they were awake, and that they no longer believe that precious dream. To each of them I assure you: you have just opened your eyes to see. The first thing you can appreciate when you wake up is that you are in a dream, to leave the dream to access reality is the process of awakening.

To be asleep is to be in the past; it is to live in a state of conditioning. It is to be trapped in the mind that wanders. It is to believe that we are the ones who think, do or have. It is not perceiving unity. Reject, hate, envy, competition, defamation, attack, defence, resistance…are attitudes that arise from a sleeping human being.

Transcendent Healing is for people who have opened their eyes very wide to see, who have just gotten out of bed and who are still dizzy or disoriented from the reality in which they are. They have looked in the mirror, recognises themself in order to confront themself in order to go through and overcome every thing that arises in life. It is for people who want to live in the state of responsibility that gives freedom of consciousness.

There are wonderful methods created by awakened teachers that serve for the awakening of human consciousness. Many people have woken up with these methods, as has happened to me. I woke up reading an Osho book about 30 years ago (1989) but then I had to use a meditation method to awaken the parts of my deepest that were asleep and that did not want to wake up. There are different tectonic layers of our consciousness that have been sleeping for many years that are related to traumas, feelings about the past and identifications. It is a tremendous challenge to awaken every corner of our consciousness. It is a confronting and liberating process.

If a sleeping person wakes up, they will need to manage their healing with a method for people who are awake, because if they do not then they run the risk of going back to sleep. Healing comes after awakening. In reality, awakening is the birth of healing. And that means that you will want to develop your consciousness more in order to see yourself each day and in each situation. Because you do not want to fall asleep again. Because you want to be more and more awake to everything that happens to you. Healing is an internal process of awakening with which nothing can be changed outside. Transformation is an external process of awakening. Transformation without healing is another illusion. Healing with transformation is the demonstration that the awakening has occurred, because you can see and enjoy the practical application of everything we wanted to change in our lives.

Healing is realising that everything was a lie. That I am what I thought I was. Healing is the internal transformation that manifests itself in a thousand ways.

One day a well-known Spanish psychiatrist told me: “Why don’t you leave people to their self-deception? The self-deceived ones have spent a lot of time and money in coming to believe their lies, and you suddenly break down something so elaborate and that has allowed them to live comfortably. Why do you insist on telling people that they are self-deceived?”

I could not give him the answer because I noticed how asleep that psychiatrist was, and I preferred to leave him alone, snoring. Sometimes you have to let people sleep in peace. I mean those who do not want to wake up. But we do not need to fight with them either. Only comprehend. An awakened person will never force the awakening of others. Once someone wakes up, it is inevitable that they want to do something `to awaken others, because they are losing the conscious contemplation of existence, which is the most beautiful and profound experience a human can have. The APPROACH you use to tickle or whisper in the ears of sleeping people shows how awake you are.

There have been thousands of methods and schools that helped many humans wake up, but these methods have also been used by sleeping people to emulate that they had woken up.

Transcendent Healing is a method that helps you realise if you are still asleep and also prevents you from going back to sleep, keeping you alert. It supports you so that you observe yourself in a state of awakeness. So that you enjoy the awakening. So that you consciously join the game of illusion. And for that it makes you see the infinite games that we play. These words contain the energy of the method. It is a self-reflective method, which summons sincerity and the ability to look inside with the purity and innocence of a child, without which you can not play. I share this method in the Conscious School.

Alberto José Varela

Creator of the Transcendent Healing Method and founder of the Conscious School

[email protected]

From May 29 to September 15, 2018 I will be receiving people from all over the world, transmitting everything I have learned and experienced to anyone who wants to see and learn to see. Including at our house in Marbella, Spain, which is a few meters from the beach and the Mediterranean sea.

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