I much prefer to talk about money, sex, food, work, travel and experiences with people, but I am very reluctant to talk about LOVE.


The first thing I suggest to speak about love is to consider that everything that can be said about love is just a fraction of what it really is. That which is real, which is deep, which is transcendent cannot be expressed in words; furthermore, words pollute the meaning that which is essential. For this reason, I will express myself from experience rather than desire, from my own livings rather than from theories, from what I feel rather than from what I think.

The love we know, or seek for and which we talk so much about is not true love, but a copy, an imitation, a pseudo-love, it is as if we have changed its true meaning and that would be the first thing to oppose when we delve into something: almost certainly, everything we know about that something is incorrect. We must seek for the truth behind that which is false or apparent.

That will be my starting point. We know nothing about love. And what we know is heavily polluted by egotist or superficial experiences, which are not bad or negative, but mere approximations from which you cannot draw conclusions about love.

Of everything I have read about love, be it from philosophy, theology, poetry or mysticism, I can only rescue one of the most accurate definitions among millions of words and it is from Osho. He says: “Love is not a relationship but what links us to everything.”

One of the most significant experiences that I had in order to understand love was during an ayahuasca session.

One day I took Ayahuasca to consult with the spiritual wisdom that inspires this power plant, and asked: What is going on with love within humans? A whole book could be written from the answer, I spent the whole night watching and understanding the roots of why we do not love, why love is so difficult for humans, why love is so far away and why apparently we suffer due to love.

I often use these study session (as the shamans call them) to see and understand aspects of human beings, to delve into issues and ideas that come to me. In short, the revelation was amazing, I was allowed to enter into Love, I did not hesitate; I went into love, as a living entity, as if I was stepping into a person’s heart. I suddenly BECAME LOVE, as an energy that travels and visits all living beings, and I felt from within the essence of love, something revealing: I felt the rejection of human beings towards me, I am not accepted by humans, they say they want love but it is not true; I travelled through a million people, visited them, asking them to let me in, and each one gave me an excuse to not letting me in. They said, “You make me suffer…” “You are dangerous…” “You make me lose control…” “You will carry me through unknown spaces…” “You scare me…” Many even said “You do not exist…” Regardless, I still create situations so that they cannot escape from the experience of opening up to love, but they run away; rush off from the possibility of letting me in. As if I was a misfortune or an enemy.

I could experience how love, as a living, eternal and infinite being, feels about our attitude and I could understand how terrible the situation is for most human beings, for Love is gone, and is no longer available to those who resist it. I then came out from within Love, stood in front of it, whilst it looked at me and said: “faced with this rejection, faced with some much fear towards me, I leave, but will always be available for those who call me”. And added: “Very few call me, and I see their hearts, I see in the one that calls me if they have the intention to give everything in exchange for nothing, to unconditionally accept life, people and all the things as they are; I see, in everyone who invites me, if their dedication and openness is authentic, and then I become present. My presence is the recovery of unity, I take care of returning them back to the wholeness. I am the union that lives within nothingness and which complements everything. I travel through electromagnetic waves that transcend and change time and space, as a connective system that transforms the perception of everything”.

Love gave me a message for myself, which I hereby wish to share: “You are welcome to life, you had to be in this moment and be as you are in existence”. This gave me an unlimited effect, I reconnected with myself, with the feeling of dignity; It took me back to my essence and made me see that creation is unconditional and therefore everything created can be unconditional with creation.

Love happens when creation reconnects with its creative essence. It is an internal romance, projected through unconditionality. In that moment, once we realize that we are unique and unrepeatable, and that every human being is different from another, a comprehension of such magnitude arises that we cannot escape the feeling of love for everything that has been created.

When we comprehend the other, when we accept the other, when we look at the other unconditionally, when we welcome him or her in our heart, that is when we transcend the rational and material limits and thus become exceptional.

I cannot say whether I love or whether I know love: only those who know me, who walk with me, who share life with me can say whether what emanates from me is love. And if that were the case, I can assure you I am an EXCEPTIONAL BEING.


Alberto José Varela

[email protected]


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