REIKI AND AYAHUASCA, a wonderful combination for health and wellness.

The scientific community is beginning to acknowledge the healing power of techniques that until recently were prosecuted and their use was even prohibited.

I’ve been knowing Reiki for over 20 years, few people knew about it then, I got interested and I thus read many books and watched it being practiced many times; I also took sessions that calmed various ailments in me. Some 15 years later, when I was giving ayahuasca throughout Spain, I had the opportunity to learn more from a Reiki master who came to a retreat with ayahuasca for her personal process, but also with the clear purpose of improving her Reiki sessions. She considered herself a therapist who had the ability to go far beyond the possibilities offered by the technique itself.

In these cases, I always suggest to therapists that they enter their inner world to heal hidden aspects as this automatically benefits them regarding the quality of their work with others. But I also suggested that she asked the question during the ayahuasca session I offered her.

To do so, she consulted her own conscience, such consultations can be made when the consciousness is expanded as a result of having taken ayahuasca; and at that moment she could visualize a qualitative change in the practice of Reiki by linking it with ayahuasca. The question was: How do I mix them?

The remarkable thing was that she saw she should not give ayahuasca to her customers, but that she was the one who had to take some before each session of Reiki with other people.

After participating in several retreats in which she took this brew that heals and illuminates the inside of the human being, and connecting deeply with the spirit of this Amazonian plant, she decided to start putting into practice what she had seen. She started taking ayahuasca before each session.

I prescribed that she does so 20 minutes before each session, as it’s the minimum time required for the connection process. Another recommendation was not to take more than 10 to 20% of the amount taken in a normal ayahuasca session; we call that “micro-dosing” and we recommend it to many people who take it on a daily basis at home to address various ailments or problems, in that minimal amount it helps to strengthen the body and activate the immune system among many other benefits, but in the case of a Reiki master, it enables to create a state of openness and connection enabling to strengthen and amplify emotions and feelings, a key issues to carry out any session with other people. Especially if you manage a pipeline of healing energy as you do with Reiki.

After practicing it during several sessions and with different customers, she realized that the results on the people had improved considerably, that she had strengthened significantly, and on the other hand, she felt much better after each session as ayahuasca acts as a shield before the passage of energy that takes place in a Reiki session.

Her process continued, she then went to the Colombian jungle to receive more training and information on how to combine Ayahuasca with Reiki, and that gave a complete turnaround in her practice as a healer.

Both Reiki and Ayahuasca are making themselves known in the spiritual and therapeutic worlds of dozens of countries; millions of people know about these healing techniques. One comes from Japan and dates back from the last century, and one is from the Colombian Amazon and has been used for a few decades. Each of them has its own power and its own frequency, but together they multiply. They now partner to form a healing alliance.

Ayahuasca is reaching cities around the world as a healing and conflict resolution technique with more and more formality and organization; and Reiki is occupying important places in healing and even professional medical communities.

Just a few years ago, the practice of Reiki was criticized and persecuted, but a few days ago the news broke that there is now a university degree about Reiki in a Spanish public university, thanks to the publication of this text in various Spanish Medias:

The Spanish Federation of Reiki now takes the Reiki courses it teaches to university level. The title is granted by one of the 6 Spanish public universities.

It thus becomes the only entity that has a collaboration agreement with a centre attached to CEDEU, Centre for University Studies and a Spanish university such as the University Rey Juan Carlos enabling to graduate with a university degree in Reiki training.

On the other hand, the news reaching us from the international scientific community about ayahuasca are increasingly encouraging, not only was it proven in Barcelona, at San Pau Clinic that ayahuasca is not harmful, but also, a few  days ago, the famous newspaper El País published a report showing the benefits of the consumption of ayahuasca in cases of depression and addictions; exposing relevant testimonials such as the case of the sister of the French Prime Minister, who overcame the addictions she had had for many thanks to a treatment with ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle. In another Brazilian newspaper they published about the work done with the use of ayahuasca in different prisons, they got amazing results.

We are at a time when new techniques and tools are emerging; although they have been used for many decades, they are now becoming increasingly known around the world, providing solutions to problems that didn’t seem to have, at least with what we knew up to now.

In the process of expansion of these techniques, whether or not they are “good” is widely discussed, as they are not as well-known as other techniques. As always, the possibility of opening up or not it is debated. Scientific and experimental information is revealing the benefits, and making public the recognition of the power they have.

Therapists, healers, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists opening to discover the power of integrating these techniques will be the real advisers in health and wellness of tomorrow, as the time has come to open our minds to novelty, for fusion and integration, to investigate new ways of treating diseases and ailments.

In Europe, I founded the first European Ayahuasca School, which is already a real experimental laboratory, leaving us amazed as we see and feel the healing energy triggered when different trends or lines of work are integrated freely and responsibly.

In Spain, Germany and Italy, we teach how to integrate different techniques, methods and approaches, with the psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca, so that each student can determine for himself what is right and the precise formula to be adopted for their own personal evolution; this experience will give him the keys to be able to actively practice healing works or self-improvement with others.

Alberto José Varela

Next training session in Madrid: 16th to 20th of December.

Teachers: Alberto José Varela, Laura Torrebadella, María Aguilar, Darwin Grajales, Sergio Sanz.

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