In this AUTOBIOGRAPHY section I will share the funniest and confrontational texts, because I’m going to talk about myself with humor and reflect on the look I take on things, but focusing on all I’ve lived.

It won’t be necessary for me to die to find a biography about me; I want to write it myself during my life.

One of the big issues about which I’ve been writing for decades is myself, as I’m undergoing an endless identity crisis, each time I start writing something about me, I temporarily go crazy because I don’t know where at to look at for support; this is why I assert:

My name is Alberto Jose Varela, but that’s not who I am. It’s just a name, nothing more.

I was born in Argentina but I am not an Argentinian.

My gender is male but I am not a man.

I have 6 children but I am no father.

I am part of many companies but I’m not a businessman.

I created a lot of things but I’m not creative.

I’m looking for exits and solutions but I am not a seeker.

I love writing but I’m not a writer.

I have thousands of followers but I’m not a guru.

So what am I?

I feel that I am not a name, I am not my past, and I’m not what they say about me; I am not separate parts of what I feel, think or believe.

It is a mysterious challenge for me to define what I am.

Long ago, I stopped looking for who I was, but I’m still trying to figure out what I am.

In the process I found myself with many deep layers giving indications of where I come from and where I’m going to, but they also give me clues as to why I’m here and what I have to do. This conscious exploration within myself has created a look, a vision, a perception of reality that I wish to share right here.

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