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WHEN CONSCIOUSNESS FERTILIZES POTENTIAL Regarding one’s potential, one’s essence, one’s being, one’s presence and one’s connection with the transcendent.


The journey to the great beyond of what we think we are.

I recently received a letter from a woman who works on self-improvement and spiritual development  retreats. She has put forward a very exciting topic.

While talking about potential with a friend and co-worker, he speaks about “presence” a lot” as the very consciousness of one’s own essence, of one’s potential. He also mentioned that I have a presence – however – He suggested that I have no idea of my own potential or my own essence, purporting perhaps that I  indeed have no idea. NOT A CLUE.

Furthermore, he told me that he believes that the recognition of potential must come from outside, that he is only now starting to see his own, despite the fact that he finds it difficult and far from definitive. This stems from the fact that someone on the outside is making it visible to him…

Accordingly, is it possible to see one’s own potential, one’s own essence? Or is it simply another way of distracting the unconscious by seeking something while one’s consciousness manifests itself through the Being taking this opportunity just as the unconscious is distracted as it busied itself by  looking the other way?

People who have created a reality based on the rational and the intellectual, without giving importance to one’s feelings and matters of the heart, reside in a tower of mind control that means they are disconnected from their essence. When these people perform consciousness expansion work upon their own person, they begin to attain a “presence” because they are more self-aware, but that does not mean that they are aware of their potential. Primary consciousness is the consciousness of the self, to be able to see the structure of our personality, recognizing that that is not who we truly are. If this viewpoint leads us to believe that we are such, we will get stuck in the habit of identifying with what we are not; but the awareness of essence is capable of a much deeper vision, it enters into the transcendental being that exists within oneself, to access what is beyond what can be seen, touched or heard.

The issue that arises from such questions is the following: How can one regain and reinforce a connection with one’s heart, with one’s feelings or with one’s Being? This disconnect separates us from that which is beyond the connection. The only thing one can have while gracing this disconnected state is a vague sense that there’s something beyond or deeper, but it doesn’t mean we’re in a connected state. Direct connectivity with one’s own essence is inexorable and indisputable, when it occurs it cannot be rationalized, explained or intellectualized, it can only be felt and enjoyed. This connection with the transcendental being also fosters a connection with emotions, with the body and of course with others.

The main theme invoked by these questions is the possibility of reconnecting with others; from a place of love, total surrender, and heartfelt dedication. In fact, one’s unseen potential can be activated from the outside by the external view that someone can see, recognize, appreciate and value.

There is a very significant expression that the woman asking the question uses : that of “LOOKING ELSEWHERE”. I’d like to give an answer by firstly posing a question: Who is looking the other way? The unconscious or the person who is asking, the one who is mulling over an alleged strategy? To look the other way, or to look elsewhere, is really not wanting to observe the heart of the matter, and in turn, to be distracted by anything whatsoever so as not to maintain a visual connection with the essential. That technique of looking the other way is typical of those people who are concerned only with distraction.

When one has already spent a lifetime living in self-deception, and this self-deception begins to become weakened or indeed to be destroyed, suddenly the truth begins to dawn on us little by little; and in such a process novel and renewed resistances or mechanisms are activated that prevent a deep connection with the heart. In this sense, looking the other way is a very useful attitude so as not to enter, it is an elegant way to keep procrastinating, by not paying attention to the essential, superficiality can continue to reign.

It’s also true that the essence cannot be accessed if it not through feeling and consciousness, sometimes in that order and sometimes in reverse order, but they are complementary, openness of heart and the expansion of consciousness are two sides of the same connection experience .

Being in a state of surrender, trust and openness is what allows us to be ready and able when mystery comes knocking, in short, what we truly are and what is contained within our being is a mystery, the essence is something mysterious, and that conscious, aware connection to it is what will shape and transform our lives.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]


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