Is it possible to abandon the unconscious and limiting use that we have of language to dominate and enslave ourselves through the others?

This confronting EVOLUTIONARY THEORY OF LANGUAGE proposes a 180 degree turn in the direction of the human being, pointing to the use of power in the leadership of oneself.

What is power? “Dominion, empire, faculty and jurisdiction that one has to order others or to execute something. An act or instrument that grants the faculty for someone to execute something in relation to other people.” When we speak of “POWERS”, up until recently we have referred to the power executed by the authority established in democracy, legislative power, executive, and judicial power as governmental powers to establish apparently democratic order, control, management, and dominion of citizens. These three powers together are also used as a totalitarian and dictatorial power in many countries; the difference in this case is that the powers are not divided, but rather they function together without any type of questioning amongst them, because they are guided by a dictator who represents the totalitarian regime.

Different to these 5 powers, which confer a supposed empowerment of diverse human groups in order to be utilized in relation to other human beings (serving to dominate or to resist being dominated, to submit or to avoid being submitted), the sixth power, defined as such in the Evolutionary Theory of language, is an innate and original power. It does not belong to groups of people nor is it a power to be used with others; it is not a power to control or avoid being manipulated, because it does not operate in relation to the other. Rather, it is the property of the INDIVIDUAL to be utilized essentially within themselves, for oneself, and by oneself in the search for freedom. This will have natural repercussions on a social and global level, but this would be another ulterior issue to consider.

The SIXTH POWER is the internal power offered by the conscious use of language, which jumps off the base of redefining language itself, to confer the power that was taken or that we have forgotten that we have.

Language is much more than a compilation of articulated words that we use to communicate; it is a living internal and unconscious structure that functions as a launch platform, which, given its design and consistency, can launch us to success or to failure, to happiness or unhappiness, to fulfillment or frustration.

Language impulses the evolution of intellignece, and when intelligence puts itself above language, it acquires the capacity of transforming itself into consciousness: (1 – the capacity to become aware of oneself, of existence and the universe; 2- the capacity to define and conceptualize what is seen and experienced; 3- the capacity to liberate oneself from that which imprisons and conditions).

All that cannot be assimilated, assumed, or comprehended is transformed into the unconscious (the hidden, the forgotten, or the repressed). Then language is made available to structure the unconscious, and at the same time serving to store information, creating an internal entity with the capacity of creating commands and instructions that rise to the surface through what is said, what is thought, what is planned, what is decided, or what is done. The accumulated information then turns into its own intelligence with the power to execute. The unconscious functions as a self-executing program.

When a new theory has the power to awaken consciousness — and to observe that unconscious substratum which dominates from the darkness — it becomes essentially pragmatic in itself, as it operates in a spontaneous, immediate, and eminently practical way. In this sense it is necessary to announce that the use of this sixth power allows the severing of dependencies. It can be utilized for interacting with other human beings both on an individual and group level, fundamentally and initially centered on the possibility of re-structuring the individual unconscious. It makes use of language as an intelligent algorithm, which edits the script or source code to change and/or eliminate programs that operate in a way that is contradictory to life, wellbeing, happiness, and survival, thus deprogramming all of the programs that enslave us and turn us into machines designed to be dependent.

The inexplicable failures that have occurred throughout the history of humanity, as well as the incomprehensible destructive attitudes of leaders and rulers, and even the suicidal behaviors of people and entire societies can be comprehended from this theory. Furthermore, they can be eliminated through the active and conscious interaction between human beings who want to undergo a transformation through the process of neuro-linguistic deprogramming. (The birth of NLD), a topic which I will present in my next article.


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