PEOPLE WHO GO FOR HEALING EXPERIENCES: “Fear and anxiety were eating me alive, but I found my strength and dared to live this experience.”


“I never felt this before!!!” “I think that combining Ayahuasca with Bufo Alvarius is the perfect marriage for healing.”

I have had an experience that I cannot even begin to describe, your house is a sanctuary of absolute healing!!!! The facilitators and people responsible for this retreat: Erika Ojeda & Alberto Consola, have done an incredible job accompanying me in this journey to the source of my origin!!!

I think I am unable to put into words such a profound experience: I can only say that last year I returned from a trip to New York… I was interested in getting to know the medicine of Ayahuasca closely… so the third day in Madrid, April 27th of 2016 , I called Sergio, a psychology counselor of your organization, because I found the information on Internet and decided to attend a retreat of 4 days.

Fear and anxiety were eating me alive, but I found my strength and dare to live this experience.

When I arrived to that beautiful house where the retreat took place, I could breathe in the tranquility of the people who received me, with a lot of care and preparation; that afternoon they helped me prepare for that night’s Ayahuasca session.

Some days later, I saw my ego in pieces. “What a mess, now what do I do with all this?”, I thought. The process I went through was really hard, the trauma and patterns that controlled my life were like a ship sailing through endless black layers.

After some months, with the help of Ayahuasca International facilitators (Sergio, Victor, Cesar) helped me to process change.

I was thirsty for this new transformation energy, so that I found out that they were working with another powerful medicine: the toad from the Sonora desert or Bufo Alvarius. I started to read the information and decided to have this experience. I still felt within me the patterns that controlled my emotional life, so I decided to perish (that part that made me suffer), but this time with something unknown: the 5meOdmt.

The experience was on Saturday, April 20th, at 11:30am, I arrived to the place and joined the group, the introductory talk started, the hours went by… the facilitators (Alberto & Erica) prepared the ceremony with love and care.

The other day at 14:25 I felt anxious and nervous to the maximum, I breathed several times to calm this distress; I did not know what I would find in these unknown worlds. Darn it, the glass pipe in front of my eyes… no… no… “Be brave”, I told myself. Erica was by my side with a smile of pure love; she looked at me and said “Brother, good journey…” In a few seconds (5-6) I suddenly saw a mandala of light in a triangle shape with Alberto Consola (the facilitator) facing me with a smile, everything moved in a soft an harmonious symphony: I felt my energy, my soul, I did not want to leave my body. Then Erika started singing shamanic chants…. There my journey started… my eyes open, a very powerful ray of light went into my pineal gland and ate my ego in a few seconds, suddenly the chants were accompanying me, I went into a trance and was absorbed by a tremendous light, a divine terror… It lasted for a few minutes until I reached the central Sun… light, light, light… only light that burned everything within infected cells from past lives… I was with the absolute, I was no more, there was nothing but light… I died, I was in the centre of the cosmos… there was no time, imagination, or anything…. I felt my eyes cry, hot tears like the fire I had been eating… free at last.

I gradually returned to my body and felt the instruments once more, Erika singing with Alberto…I lay on my back looking up and observed what I was leaving behind. The rest of the participants were in the circle, singing and welcoming me after my journey. I could see all of their hearts, I felt an infinite love, I left my trace in the infinite cosmos.

Today, several days after that, I am here and now, centred and more conscious, the past and future no longer exist!!! I am breathing for the first time!!! Thank you, I have no words to express how grateful I am!!!

The thing that surprises me is that two days after the journey I feel the energy of the toad (Bufo Alvarius) working on me with the grandmother (Ayahuasca) in total symphony.

This is a miracle… Alberto Varela, infinite thanks!!!

Carmelo Raffo

In the picture, one can appreciate that gaze immersed in the immensity of the cosmos, with peace and harmony, admiration and surprise towards the indescribable. Far from being a hallucinogen experience, this is helping many people comprehend existence, forgive themselves for not realising how precious life really is, and the marvellous chance we have to enjoy what we are and have.

The Ayahuasca experience is during the night, the Bufo Alvarius during the day and facing the sky, because it is a connexion with light, internal and external.

If you want to participate you can write to:

[email protected] ; [email protected]


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Alberto José Varela´s blog team

Alberto José Varela´s blog team