Reality is not real, and life is not lived. More decisions and less addictions to master beliefs and methodologies!


If human consciousness was an artificial intelligence implanted into a living organism, the reality we would perceive would be absolutely virtual, and not real at all.

Alternate reality, real reality and psychological reality: are they all the same or different manifestations of the same illusion?

It seems that our soul has a purpose, but us human beings live subjected to a destiny that is radically different from its realisation.  Limitations are organized like stages in a game. To overcome them, we have to be able to navigate greater complications, countless and unexpected tests that challenge and force us to hone our skills, learn to self-manage, be focused and motivated. And, above all, they awaken us.

Religion, spirituality, therapy, mystical schools, philosophical ideas, and countless other techniques and tools we have come up with to find answers are of no use. The psycho-emotional disorder human beings suffer from continues to wreak havoc on us. Eastern millennial techniques or powerful ancestral shamanic medicines barely manage to calm the symptoms. Some who embarked on this path of healing lie to themselves and believe that in understanding some more or less profound idea, they have reached illumination or transcendence. Most human beings deceive themselves with other minor distractions, believing that progress is a sign of evolution, instead of ambition in disguise, which can only lead to regressions.

Different neurotic negotiations always result in the same mediocre conformisms. Very few are able and want to see their self-deceptions. Many others do not even try to.

Our deep existential inquisitiveness, rooted in our consciousness, is home to an ever-beating pulse that may help us find the truth. There is where we need to go, to the core of what we want. The road that leads there is complex, full of traps and new distractions we have to avoid.

I have asked myself  many times this stupid question: has the human brain created consciousness or is it the other way around?  In this school, I will be explaining and diving into why this question is stupid and  its possible answers.

I have some bad news for all those who want to change the world or other people, or improve their lives or humanity itself; I will try to deliver them with humour. First of all: WE CANNOT SAVE THE WORLD; I may be able to save myself, but no one else. If a considerable number of people manage to save themselves, we may have a chance to change some things in this world. Another piece of bad news: WE HAVE REACHED A LIMIT WITH ALL THESE DIFFERENT TYPES OF HEALING: There is no method, technique, tool, philosophy of shamanic medicine that can solve human problems from their roots.


In order to discover it, we need to acquire an internal vision grounded in a different perspective. Will you dare to change a small part of our perception of reality?

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

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