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COMMUNICATION ABOUT CORONAVIRUS. Decision that we have taken in relation to our retreats.

OUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE PANDEMIC OF FEAR AND UNCONSCIOUSNESS. We will continue with the events we organise in compliance with the health directives of each country.

As many of our participants and people interested in attending a retreat have been contacting us to ask how the coronavirus situation is going to affect our retreats, I want to take the opportunity to send you some information, as well as a reflection upon it, after having held a meeting with the management of our companies and our medical advisory team, directed by Dr. Mauricio Albanes.

For now, we will not suspend any retreat, except in the areas where the health authorities have so decided by law. This means that for now, we have only postponed the retreats in Northern Italy during the quarantine period established until early April. This decision reflects our coherent presence with the real present moment we are living, without projecting it towards a future we cannot control, nor conditioning ourselves with the unmeasured fear that is guiding a large part of the world. To this day, it is not necessary to suspend a retreat in most areas. If at any point it is necessary, we will do so. In the meantime, and following the protocols established by the health authorities, we have implemented the following: we will be taking your temperature at the time of registration, and anyone presenting 37.5º or over will have to go home and initiate the measures stipulated by local law to receive medical attention; people with flu, cold, etc need to consult us prior to arriving to the retreat; and at all times, we will enhance hand-washing precautions, use of disinfectants, and regular cleaning of common facilities, in the food preparation and in the preparation of the natural remedies to be shared: each person will have their own cup for ayahuasca, the bufo pipes will be cleaned with alcohol in between each individual session or each person will use a different one, latex gloves and disposable tools for kambo sessions, etc.

These natural remedies protect us physically and considerably boost our immunity; therefore, it is extra advisable to attend a retreat currently. In these moments of global alarm because of a viral infection, Kambo is a viable option, since it not only points towards prevention but also towards the reduction of the risk of complications which appears with contagion: that is, that it acts as a prevention (by boosting immunity) and also it supports recovery, by providing the body with better ammunition to face the effects and symptoms of the virus itself.                                                                              Additionally, they provide an invaluable space for comprehension which allows to see on a deeper lever what is happening on a global level. The attitude that each one of us takes when faced with this pandemic is an opportunity to looks at ourselves profoundly: what are we truly afraid of? At which point does panic, mistrust, paranoia… enter our mind? Can we accept things as they are and how they reach us?    


Let’s remember: THE UNCONSCIOUS ATTITUDES are the VIRUS that expand with much greater violence than any other. CONSCIOUSNESS has the potential to stop it, through the disidentified observation of the mechanism that activates it. Let us dare look at ourselves inside and discover those dominant instructions in order to become free of them.

Laura Torrabadella

+34 629649964

Legal advisor to Inner Mastery International

[email protected]

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