1 – I do not know who I am, nor do I care. I don’t see anyone inside of me.

2 – I do not follow any tradition or teacher. I don’t lean on the past.

3 – I do not feel guilty about anything. I wouldn’t remove or change anything that happened.

4 – I am not afraid to die. There’s no need to prolong life if actually lived.

5 – I don’t need to attack anyone. It doesn’t make me evolve if I destroy others.

6 – I’m not doing anything. There’s no one in me doing anything, there are actions.

7 – I don’t believe in anything I believe in, neither do I believe in what others believe in. I don’t believe.

8 – I’m not a body nor on a planet. I’m not passing through life. I do not exist.

9 – You can’t know me. I have no idea of how I am.

10 – I do not agree or disagree with anyone. There’s no need to discuss.

Many will think I’m not religious, I’m an atheist or agnostic, that I do not believe in God or in other lives…

If that’s what you think of me, you are as wrong as you are right. It’s only one side of the coin. You still haven’t found what I am and what I feel. Those who get it will only feel in their heart that a tiny part of the Supreme Truth caressed their souls.


FAMILY Decalogue for my children


Text taken from the book “From prison, from my Freedom” by Alberto José Varela:

On Monday, August 10th, I did celebrate my birthday in prison. It was a ninety minutes vis a vis in a room where there is only one table and some chairs.

Paula, my partner, came with our daughter Amelys of 1 year old, Elián and Aneley of 19, two of the three children I had with Marisa. There was also Anahí of 6 years old, who I had with Conchi.

There was no cake or candles, just looks, words and laughter.

That day, I wanted to make a gift; I gave them a code of suggestions for family life that I wrote for them and that said:

1- When children speak, the oldest stay silent.

2- We discuss to get to know each other, not to be right.

3- There are no laws or rules, love guides us.

4- There is nothing to hide, but we all have the right to lie.

5- Nothing must be judged or criticized, all is accepted.

6- Nobody gives orders to anyone, everyone obeys his own heart.

7- We only believe that there is nothing to believe in.

8- There is no chance that anyone makes a mistake.

9- If someone doesn’t ask, no answer will be given to him.

10- We shall flow; spontaneity stands above plans.

11- Do not try to be different from what you are; you are perfect this way.

12- Here, there is no role model or ideal to get to.

13- Everyone chooses the religion he wants or none.

14- There is no set way of doing things, mind your own business.

15- If we are in a stalemate, we laugh.

16- Let everyone realize on his own how things are.

17- We don’t stop looking at each other from the heart until we understand each other.

18- If something is discussed, children have the priority.

19- Instead of controlling and investigating it is preferable to trust.

20- Every day everything starts from scratch, the past died.