Although there are many of us who know that change from the inside is possible, because we have proved this in our own lives, now is the time for science to prove it.

I believe, without exception, that all truth seekers are trying change in their lives. The same happens with those who would like to resolve something, find a way out or an answer. In one way or another what is almost always present is the need to change something that they don’t like, that upsets them or that creates some kind of lack of well-being.

Many people claim “I have only come out of curiosity” “I’m interested in trying ayahuasca or other medicinal plants but that’s it” “I want to see the effects it produces”, but even so, another reality, that is more or less hidden, to make some some sort of change emerges at the retreat, but they don’t dare to manifest it directly. Sometimes because it seems impossible to them, other times because there is a preventative avoidance because of the fear it creates in them. We are discovering empirically that THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY IS SCREAMING…I WANT TO CHANGE! Even if it is an internal scream, sometimes soft or hidden, weakened by fear or eclipsed by beliefs. This discovery is nothing new, but what is novel at Inner Mastery (the organisation dedicated to inner transformation) is that we are tackling it with an original technology that has never been used before.

There is an intimate relationship between “finding” and changing, between “solutions” and changing, between “healing” and changing, between “being happier” and changing, between “freeing ourselves” and changing, between “being oneself” and changing. Is it possible to achieve something if there is not a change previously?

The need for change is the common denominator in most people. But coincidentally there is a huge resistance to change in those same people. Both the need for and fear of change are common factors. Fear follows each attempt at change like a shadow. It seems that this dichotomy exists at both the molecular and the psychological levels.

From when a person considers a challenge or goal -something which will hide some level of need for change- until those objectives are reached, there will be a process of great psycho-emotional wear and tear due to the counter-position produced by the need for change and the resistance to change. A genuine interior struggle. In order to achieve that which I am looking for, I should change, but I daren’t change for fear of losing or because I intuit that I will go into the unknown that I can’t control. When the necessity for change is not as strong as the fear, fear’s victory is assured. It is therefore necessary to accompany people in their processes of change in an appropriate and studied a method with proven effectiveness. Knowing everything that happens in such processes; one of those very powerful things is resistance. This is why I am training my psychotherapeutic integrators in the speciality of knowing how to handle resistance in order to access the new and unknown; and to know how to confront those who say they have changed when it is actually a self-deception.

Science has proven the existence of genetic mutations that are resistant to certain drugs that could heal a disease. Why is there resistance at the molecular level to heal? Could there be any relation between psychological resistance and molecular resistance? What would happen if  we fostered change at the molecular level and cellular support  as a basis to then be able to consider life changes that are supported by the organism? How to reverse unconscious resistances to change in order to initiate a process of evolution?

Although I’m proposing this as a philosophical-scientific utopia, this is real now. We are proving it with thousands of people, who change from their deepest level, perhaps even from their DNA and from there, they are unleashing those tsunamis outward, the life changes they wanted so much. Independent of the motivation that will push them to carry out these processes, appear all kinds of changes with coinciding positive and constructive hues for those who experience them. Hence we have thousands of testimonials that we constantly publish on our blog and youtube channel. They are an empirical test, but the scientific one will come soon. It has already been scientifically proven that Ayahuasca DOES NOT DAMAGE PUBLIC HEALTH, we are now on the verge of demonstrating that it can also prevent diseases and even make epigenetic changes that allow any illness to be better dealt with.


The proposition is very simple. People participate in 3 retreats in 3 months, where they take a series of natural remedies, with Ayahuasca playing the key role. One should do a retreat, of 3 days and 3 nights each, every 28 days. Then the participant takes home two types of natural medicines to drink at home. One is an ayahuasca infusion of which the dose is measured exactly so that the person does not have any physical or emotional effects, but so that the energy of the Ayahuasca is present in the body every day, accompanying it in the process and preparing it for the next retreat. We also give bottles with a 100% dilution of a natural shamanic complex to be taken up to 5 times a day. It is like homeopathy that produces even more subtle effects. This dilution also contains ayahuasca in minute amounts.

The 3 distinguishing features of these 3-month processes are:

  • Psychotherapeutic, emotional and affective accompaniment for participants. From integrations involving group dynamics and systemic movements that we carry out after the ayahuasca sessions, to phone or email attention when someone needs to communicate, ask something or simply share their state or situation.
  • The confrontations that we do to those who want to unconsciously escape from the conscious decision they have already taken to change. We use conscious cognitive dissonances, No-therapy and other tools, to pin down the part that is resisting change, and so that the person is honest with their decision.
  • The standardisation of a system in which the process of evolution of the participant is developed. As a result of over 10 years experience with more than 20,000 people, we have created an integrated program based on a transformational technology that brings together and uses several methods and approaches, many tools and techniques.

We believe that these processes produce changes at the cellular and molecular level that we can not express scientifically, but rather by the observation of the person in their habits of life, in their attitude towards society, in their way of being and feeling, and in many more aspects that each person manifests in their own way. It is clear that change is happening, but it was indispensable after so many years and thousands of people to be able to take it to a laboratory and prove it scientifically. In fact in Brazil, before legalizing Ayahuasca, studies were conducted on the groups that consumed ayahuasca weekly, and they were able to conclude that it benefits health, improves habits and social interaction.

Many scientists ask themselves: How to consolidate a molecular change in everyday life? How to manifest externally in relationships or behaviour a change that that has happened to a DNA molecule? How long can it take for this evolutionary process to be visibly appreciated from the outside?

Time is relative to the transformational technology  that accompanies such a process. The mere consumption of natural medicines – and in the way we indicate -, does not 100% guarantee that the person will bring to their daily life the change that has taken place at the molecular level. But if this process is accompanied by expert facilitators and integrators who oversee the way of understanding and integrating the changes that start appearing in peoples’ lives as a result of the expansion of consciousness that they experience, then the system becomes so effective that  change becomes almost inescapable, or at least you get to a point where you make the conscious decision not to change anything, something which is a major breakthrough in any process. At that point, there are a large number of participants and even facilitators who leave in a hurry because they realize that if they follow the method proposed by Inner Mastery, their lives will stop being what they were, but they do not want face that. It is those who only come to find calm or relief, to feed their curiosity or distract themselves, to self-deceive or to prove that nothing can help them; who do not really transform. Even so they sometimes open themselves up to another possibility, and when they comprehend that if they follow and comply with the plan, that they are going to ruin almost everything they have built as a life project; especially the perception about themselves. The reason is that we build life projects based on expectations, external pressures and things that what we are not. This method confronts the weak construction of beliefs, that seem to have power, leading them to such a point that they are dismantled on their own.

Those of us who are in the more than the 500 retreats that take place a year with thousands of participants open to a transformational experience, see the contradiction between wanting and not wanting in them; between needing and resisting. Between the moment of deciding to change and the moment of backing away and deciding not to change exist many internal and external factors that sabotage the process. That is where many people return to the previous plan involving making selective, not massive changes, with things that are bothersome, nothing more. Although that is possible, it is also very complicated and cumbersome, because we know that everything is related to everything, and that to change only one part you have to isolate other parts, which is not healthy. A practical example at a global level – considering the world as a living organism. If we wanted to solve the problem of poverty or exploitation in the world, we would need to change many things: laws, policies, consumption, education, religions, etc. etc. Because those ills are a consequence of many factors that have produced them. Poverty is not solved with only money but with essential changes in humans. That is why we suggest that people make their own decisions from the heart and consciously, and that they are consistent with what they decide, be it to change or not to change. To take charge in any case.



Many are number the people who write to me every day for many reasons related to what I do. But for a long time ago I have been asking existence to send me  scientists who are open-minded and willing to work with me in this area. First came Paco, a lawyer and philosopher from Valencia and his partner Rosa, Pharmacist. They are teachers at our school and they insisted strongly that I should create a Foundation to subsidize scientific studies that endorse what we are seeing and claiming, but without any scientific basis. Paco took care of constituting the Inner Mastery Foundation, of which I am the patron and director, then came along Manuel, an Andalusian scientist who runs a laboratory and who brought the idea to carry out this study already thought out. Manuel said to me: “let’s meet for just a few minutes , that is enough to start this ambitious project.” It is clear that this man manages an enormous level of trust and openness of his pineal gland.

That is how we did it, and we agreed to start as soon as possible. We have the foundation, we have the laboratory, we also have medical professionals, psychologists, biologists, chemists, who make up the team, and we also have many people who participate in our retreats who are willing to collaborate with this project. To do this, they sign a consent form where they allow us to use a simple saliva sample before and after a complete treatment to be able to comparatively determine the changes that could have occurred in their DNA.

It is obvious that if the DNA changes significantly in the important and precise parts that make it up, and that guide an evolution from within, we would have the scientific basis for the fact that real change is possible. In fact it has been shown that cells are capable of expelling new biomolecules of different sizes into the blood, and it is now possible to detect this in liquid biopsies. That means, that after making the change, it can be demonstrated scientifically that the change is reflected in the blood.

If it is scientifically proven that certain biomolecules are related to changes experienced, we would be facing a great discovery, it would be a milestone in human history, to discover that change and evolution are possible and real, from the inside and towards the outside. And this evolutionary leap would be produced by the use of a standardized method using Ayahuasca and that has been tested for over 10 years. It is the method we use and that we are willing to teach to anyone wanting to learn it. That is why we have created the Conscious School and the European School of Ayahuasca  training cycles. So that many people from all over the world can learn that which can not be taught, but only remembered. We dedicate ourselves to the recovery of people’s memories, of what they are because we know that when an individual changes the perception of himself, a process of inner evolution that is unstoppable begins.



If scientists were to discover a biomarker that relates the cause to the effect on people who carry out the process we propose, we would be scientifically demonstrating that epigenetic change is associated with this proposition.

By observing how the process of organic transformation works – when there is evolution – you can see that the same sequences occur in life changes. It is a conscious observation that I have been carrying out on thousands of people, that when the internal changes, the external starts to change. The inner is not only molecular, it is also subatomic, because when the consciousness awakens and the uncontrollable soul of a person emerges to direct a process of change, the person feels it as a rebirth, and although the awakening of consciousness or birth of spiritual consciousness still can not be scientifically proven, we also see in ourselves and thousands of participants that this happens, and that it is a milestone that marks a before and after in our life.

Perhaps the erroneous conclusion that if I take these natural remedies and do these therapies, then my life will change could arise. We already know that there are thousands of people who have been taking ayahuasca for many years and their lives have not changed in practically at all, even if they do all kinds of therapies as well. Therefore we decided to create a standardized method that accompanies and supervises internal transformation processes, provided the participant decides it, that they will a systematically confront the authenticity of this decision.



It is possible that DNA is the incarnate consciousness in a molecule travelling through the universe, and that it has arrived on the earth fertilized by the conditions of life that exist in this planet, allowing that it initiate an evolutionary process that gives rise to the birth of a living organism capable of creating consciousness. But it has been seen over thousands of years, that being conscious does not guarantee consciousness. All human DNA has the option to awaken consciousness, but not every human being has accessed that option. The reason is fundamentally the separateness that the humans has from their essence, the neglect of their own being, the implantation of belief systems that replace their true spiritual, cosmic and evolutionary nature.

If a person drinks a lot of ayahuasca but still follows his own belief system and values, this will interrupt the journey of consciousness and avoid their awakening, so the person will restrict the evolutionary process. Without the awakening of consciousness, transformation is not possible. The main reason for resistance to change and awakening is that the subject is clinging to the lie of what he or she is but that which also gives him or her so much security and confidence.

What is the point of changing DNA if we are not willing to change our life project and the perception of ourselves? In this sense we could affirm that the awakening of consciousness is the natural result of those who dare to dismantle the belief systems they hold. An act of tremendous courage. And it does not depend on drinking thousands of ayahuasca shots to expand awareness – which can be a fallacy and a true self-deception – but a conscious decision to leave behind what is not, based on respect for the evolutionary nature that we have, that propels us in a thousand ways to realize a holistic interior transformation, from the organism and even from thoughts, from the body and even from the soul, from the cells, to the relationships, from emotions and to each of our decisions.

As I said at the beginning: it is our essential need and our terrible resistance.

The journey on which we are all is one of consciousness and toward the consciousness; consciousness has created the brain so that through it consciousness is manifested onto the material plane. DNA has been the nexus of this phenomenon because of its extraordinary ability to mutate and evolve.

It is now through the observation of DNA that we have the chance to be conscious of the process of evolution that we are “maybe” going through. But if this study does not arrive or takes years, it still does not prevent many people from experiencing the magic of transformation in their life, and that they can use their own consciousness to observe the precious phenomenon of change in themselves. All of us who are doing it are the scientists of our own evolution, which we are naturally enjoying in our lives.

Alberto José Varela

[email protected]

If you are interested in more information about bring part of the group of people who will perform the treatment for the scientific study, or want to carry out one of the processes that we propose for 3 months write to: [email protected]





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