AN EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE IN THE JUNGLE 8th to 25th April. A journey for healing and deep learning.

APRIL 8th to 25th with MUSICIANS AND SHAMANS IN THE COLOMBIAN JUNGLE. Journey organized by Ayahuasca Travels.


For only 30 people who will be hosted the Hostel Casa Del Rio, Mocoa.


Every month we travel to our hostel in the jungle, from the 11th until the 22nd. On this month of April, the program starts on April 8th in Bogota, with a large gathering of shamans and musicians who will welcome people coming from many different countries. This meet-up ceremony will be organized on the outskirts of Bogota and on April 9th we will all take a bus to the jungle together.

After 11 hours of night-travel, on April 10th we will arrive to Mocoa, a town in the Putumayo region, which is 99% Amazon rainforest. After a short 10 minute taxi ride we will arrive by the river Rumiyaco, where the European School of Ayahuasca’s facilities are. It is a hostel with all the necessary comforts; each traveller will stay in en-suite rooms for two to four people. The rooms are bungalows surrounded by nature. A few metres away there is another small river, which runs across the hostel, nature trails and a maloca (open structure for ceremony) with hammocks which is ideal for ayahuasca sessions and the ESA training cycle classes.

You will have the opportunity to share this journey with the directors of the organisation: Alberto Varela and Paula Carmona; the partners and collaborators responsible for Ayahuasca International in Mexico: Maria Aguilar and Francisco Esqueda; there will also be the singer and music therapist Darwin Grajales, Taita Fernando Jojoa Diaz, Taita Jose Fernando Jojoa Jojoa, and there will also be a shaman visiting from Peru: Elmer Muñoz, whom we have invited especially for this international event. This event is not just for people on a spiritual path, with a therapeutic or healing intent, but also for indigenous people of various ethnicities and from different countries who are evolving and developing the initiative to come out into the world to bring their medicines and their knowledge. They will share their experience and wisdom with all who want to learn this wonderful science.

We will also cook Ayahausca together with taitas accompanying us, and we will then drink the ayahuasca prepared by all participants. We have a cocinadero (indigenous kitchen) of shamanic medicines at the hostel.

We will visit one of the Imgas leaders, the homes of various shamans and the space in which they lead their own ceremonies, as well as extraordinary natural places that cannot be described in words.

Between April 8th and 25th you can go for a minimum of five days during which you will be accompanied by expert guides, Ayahuasca International facilitators, Shamans and teachers of the European School of Ayahuasca.

Only 8 spaces are currently available out of the allotted 30, so we recommend for those interested to sign up as soon as possible.

If you cannot arrive on April 8th to Bogota, you can join the group any day by making your own way to Mocoa and to the hostel. (Will give you directions to get by bus or by plane from Bogota).

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8 thoughts on “AN EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE IN THE JUNGLE 8th to 25th April. A journey for healing and deep learning.”

  1. Martin Esteban


    I’m also very interested in joining the journey, I’ve sent an email but I’m curious if there is any spot left?

    Thanks you and all the best


  2. Crissa Ciobanu


    Are there still spaces available for this retreat?
    If yes, how much does it cost and what it’s involved?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Hugo Oklander

      Hi Crissa
      There are still some places available for that retreat.
      It´s wonderful, I hope you´ll be able to join it.
      An email was just sent to you about it.
      Ayahuasca International Team

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