IS AYAHUASCA FOR EVERYONE? How do I know if the experience will be positive for me before I have it?


“It is true that IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. But for each person to find out whether or not it is right for them, each person must experience it for himself.. “

In the face of the growing interest of thousands of people around the world in Ayahuasca, it is essential to clarify that there are many ways to come into contact with Ayahuasca. You can take it to improve your health as if it were a natural medicine; you may want to have a visionary and introspective experience, or you may also do it as a therapy to resolve a problem or trauma. Whether you go to a shamanic group to be accompanied by native Shamans, or therapeutic meetings with facilitators to guide the session, in all cases, drinking Ayahuasca is much more than taking a visionary substance or a purifying potion; is an EXPERIENCE of life and connection to the universe, the origin of everything, and to all of the people who have gone through your life (among other hundreds of things I could tell you that may happen when taking ayahuasca). And that is what makes it so powerfully attractive. It is a mystery and somewhat unpredictable.
Parachuting, climbing to the peak of a high mountain, rushing down a river rafting, are not experiences for everyone, but we already know beforehand what each of those experiences are about, so one can choose whether to have such experience or not . But in the case of the experience with Ayahuasca, it is not like that. Because it can be had by people of all ages, regardless of health condition, physical strength, psycho-emotional state, etc. For some people, however, it is not advisable to have the experience. The problem is that it is very difficult to determine to whom it is or not advisable. To whom will it be well suited or not? NOBODY KNOWS. On the Internet one can find thousands of mostly favourable testimonials, but that cannot lead to the conclusion that it is for everyone. So if you have heard of ayahuasca, or you have been encouraged to have the experience, or you feel you need it, surely you wonder: How do I know whether or not it is advisable for me?
This is one of the highest experiences that one can have, especially because it is total and holistic, it includes the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. This happens in most people who have the experience, but there are also people who do not feel anything or who experience something as negative and they realize it is not for them. You cannot know until you try it. If a person realizes that Ayahuasca is not for them, they will know it after having tried it, never before. And maybe after that conclusion they will never do it again, but even in that case it is relative. My first experience with Ayahuasca was undescribable, incredible, infinite … but 15 days later I had my second experience with ayahuasca and this was the worst one of my life, it was with Taita Domingo Males in Colombia, in the morning I told the Shaman that I would never in my life drink ayahuasca again, and the Taita said, “take a few days because sometimes one can feel very bad at night but it’s because you are healing something deep that you will realize in a few days, and then you’ll feel really well,” Indeed it was the case. And of course I continued my process with Ayahuasca to heal my wounds and to reconnect with myself. But there are other people who assure categorically that it is not for them and never again have the experience. The important thing is that you yourself can realize it and decide freely as it does not create any kind of addiction.
It is true that IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. But for each person to realize whether or not it’s adequate for them, they must experience it for themselves. This is something that can hardly be known in advance, one must go through it. And if you try it with groups that give you trust and security, even better to minimize the negative impact it may have, which does not go much beyond a discomfort or very severe pain; provided that the dose is correct and that the way it is served is controlled.
Many people do not want to experiment in order to really know from their own experience if it suits them or not, so they have to speak of the experience based on what they hear from others, by what they read, or on occasion, based on what they think (according to their own moral code or beliefs). Hence come many preventive comments, and they devote themselves to scare people… “be careful with that,” “it is dangerous.” “it is a forbidden drug,” “watch out where go,” etc, treating others as if they were immature children without any ability to realize with their own intelligence what this experience can bring.
What is absolutely certain is that ayahuasca was very healing and positive for me. It is not anymore because it already brought me everything and more than I needed. It is like having received the best gift of my life, an authentic miracle of transformation. But that is a thing of the past because now I no longer need to have that experience.
The same can be said by millions of people worldwide. Even so, those who want to keep thinking IT’S BAD, NEGATIVE, DANGEROUS, HARMFUL… will continue to think it, even if they are presented with   endless evidence of the benefits of Ayahuasca.
We therefore suggest to all those who do not want to open up to the possibility of experimenting with ayahuasca and who criticize or argue against this experience, to please not generalize, to not criticize based upon the mere fact of knowing that someone out there had a bad experience. Neither is it necessary to tell everyone to take ayahuasca, as one of the magical factors of this experience is that it arrives on time, when one really needs it, and most people realize after taking it that it was an experience that was due to arrive at that exact moment.
It is very healthy to respect all opinions, there being no need to argue between those who are for or against it, but to be well informed and have references from other people before having the experience. Although this does not give any guarantees, it is at least an open path to the experience.
Alberto José Varela
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