THE DOCTORS OF THE AMAZONIAN MEDICINE. A surreal story about something you can have no doubts about.


Elmer Muñoz has arrived from the Amazon rainforest, and, with him his grandfather (already deceased) and the healing beings who come with him.

It is five o’clock in the morning of Thursday, April 28th. I have just arrived from picking up Elmer Muñoz at the airport in Madrid, a shaman arriving directly from the depths of the Peruvian Amazon forest; as soon as I greet and welcome him, he says: “the trip was fine, but I had a problem before departing, my mother died 2 hours before I left for the airport to get on the plane that would bring me to Europe. I was told on the phone when I had barely left the hospital for the airport, and I said to them “ I have to go where Grandfather told me to go, and he told me before his death”
Although his face shows grief, he says “don’t worry, I am prepared for all these things. I had to come here”
While we were having breakfast, he told me so many interesting things about the jungle, about his grandfather, master of masters in the management of jungle medicine, about the energy doctors existing on another plane, about the spirit of plants, about the dangers which arise when certain precautions are not taken in ayahuasca sessions, about why ayahuasca is expanding throughout the world… and so much more, that in just an hour I have received truly valuable information for the comprehension and the refining of many aspects related to the work we do.
Elmer says to me: “I have read what they say about you in the Colombian rainforest, it seems like they are offended because they believe themselves to be the owners of ayahuasca as if there weren’t hundreds of rainforest tribes who have known ayahuasca for hundreds and thousands of years. How can one know who discovered it? Who can say, ayahuasca is mine! when it belongs to everyone?”
This many is an “ONANYA”, which means having been a disciple of a master of masters.
His grandfather was one of the last master of masters in Peru, who chose him amongst many other grandchildren when he was ten years old, to teach him the science of wisdom through plants. He began his training taking ayahuasca when he was 17 years old and at 26 he began his work receiving many Europeans who sought him out. He also works as an advisor for therapy centres in Peru, where ayahuasca is used.  
I decided to invite him to spend 3 months in Europe, so he can teach us, share his wisdom with us, and meet other Colombian shamans to work together towards the unification of beings who wish to transcend their apparent differences.
Last night he directed a ceremony in Italy, four students in training were his apprentices and helpers, I was just another participant, I took ayahuasca given to me by the ONANYA. It was an indescribable experience. The over 40 participants in the room could not stop crying, both from joy and dismay, up until this morning after what they had experienced last night.  
Elmer’s grandfather visited us, he came with his team of MEDICINE DOCTORS, and they healed us deeply. One can simply not tell something that irrational. Many saw them, others felt them, we were all dismayed and moved by the impressive work, done with humbleness and simplicity, and brought forth with an authority and inner power which is brought forth in every thing which he does, in every Icaro which he sings.
All of us present were witness and beneficiaries of the impressive work of love and healing which was carried out.
Although it may not seem true, behind a young man of 32 there is a centenary or millenary wisdom.
Alberto José Varela
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2 thoughts on “THE DOCTORS OF THE AMAZONIAN MEDICINE. A surreal story about something you can have no doubts about.”

  1. Ida Michaela Fredriksson

    I’d love to meet Elmer.
    Saw on Facebook that you are going to be in marbella in july. Is this true or do I need to travel elsewhere? I live not to far from marbella…
    Love and respect

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