AYAHUASCA IS A SPRINGBOARD; CONSCIOUSNESS IS THE OCEAN. Let us not confuse the means with the end.


Building together a wonderful garden, with an open heart and an expanded consciousness.

If the ultimate goal is to be conscious, or at least be more conscious of what we are, it is consciousness which we aspire to. And if in order to dive into profundity we need tools that can help or drive us, they are welcomed, but once they are used, we can dismiss them to stay within consciousness.

Using the shamanic medicine AYAHUASCA as a springboard into the ocean of consciousness is one of the fastest and most effective means. Once immersed in the depths of consciousness, we are free to move like fish in water to explore every corner of our inner selves, and the universe…

The place where we are developing this skill is the School of Consciousness, but we could not call it that way, because we cannot propose a direct instruction for the use of consciousness. We would transform consciousness into a technique or tool, and that would override its essence. We call it CONSCIOUS SCHOOL since in this school we do not teach to be conscious but to know how to use the tools to generate situations where we become naturally more conscious.

CONSCIOUSNESS is the very essence of everything and of ourselves, we propose to learn to use a springboard to propel us to the essence; we can propose the preparation in body and soul to know how to manage ourselves in a depth hitherto unknown. We use powerful tools and very effective techniques which, coming together at a central point, have led to the creation of our own method.

We have found that these deep teachings are learned in the quickest and most effective manner when combining Ayahuasca with psychotherapeutic work and with the use of multiple techniques of self-awareness and awakening of consciousness. Ayahuasca is enhanced and becomes deeper and direct when it is accompanied by a framework of understanding and integration of the process that unleashes.

The secret is to “Stop taking Ayahuasca to expand consciousness and rather use consciousness autonomously and naturally, to the point where it becomes a path that we would never want to abandon”.

The School is one of the paths that consciousness has to be used as a guide in life, but also to become conscious through life. When consciousness ceases to be a tool or a guide to travel the road of life and becomes “the way”, life begins to flourish spontaneously through what we think, feel, express and share. Then, upon reaching death, we can put life back with gratitude; it has been the gateway, the preparation, the springboard to eternity.

Consciousness flourishes in love, compassion, freedom, innocence, happiness … Hence the blossom is so precious. When this happens in a group of human beings a garden full of charm and grace is born. This is one reason why, when we reach the path of consciousness, we can never walk away.

It seems a contradiction, that a School of Ayahuasca (which implies studying the use of ayahuasca) is the one that proposes to stop using the ayahuasca to be replaced by the use of consciousness itself. This premise is based upon the fact that when consciousness expands and integrates each experience within the context of life and history of a participant, he or she becomes a free and independent being for the everyday understanding of the issues that he or she goes through.

The psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca for the INNER DEVELOPMENT of the participant, is a job that involves a process of profound inquiry into oneself, until the individual can be empowered of his or her own life, overcoming the limits that imprisoned him or her and deactivate the blocks that paralysed him or her or prevented their development.

The COMPREHENSION of oneself, of life, of existence and everything that happens to us in life, is the epicenter of the work we propose as a purpose. Understanding is the gateway to the universe of consciousness; when you break through this door, the instruments or tools that have brought us to this point begin to disappear. Many people come to this comprehension through different techniques, such as meditation or yoga. But for a high percentage of people it is complicated, slow and even hard to reach this comprehension by these means, so they need more effective tools or methods, faster or more powerful. Consciousness is a tool that can become a path, and even become a state of life, but not all techniques or methods have the power to take us to that understanding.

In order to stop taking ayahuasca at the time that comprehension has come, the Ayahuasca should be taken with the awareness that Ayahuasca is a tool, a technique, a method… which acts as an alarm clock and activator of consciousness so that then it expands itself. Ayahuasca is not an end in itself, if not, we will end up venerating the springboard and we will forget about ocean and what makes us feel dive into it.

In the EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF AYAHUASCA we use Ayahuasca as a spiritual medicine for the awakening of consciousness. We do not use as a religious sacrament or as a central motif of study or research. Once the student manages to stabilize using his or her consciousness in everyday life, they can completely stop the use of Ayahuasca. This is something that we are proving irrefutably in the participants, who increasingly need to take less ayahuasca, and even many have already stopped taking it to access non-ordinary states of consciousness.

The main reason why we can do this work is that Ayahuasca supports freedom and detachment. It IS NOT ADDICTIVE, but inspires to drop all addictions, even the one which may be caused by ayahuasca itself. All addictions that occur with ayahuasca are not chemical but psycho-emotional. For this reason, the psychotherapeutic work is fundamental to lead the person to the dismissal of Ayahuasca. An example of the work oriented towards addictions, has been shown by several school students who have created a retreat with ayahuasca and psychotherapy to overcome addictions, on the basis of what they have lived in their own lives. Now they have shaped it and already have proven the effectiveness it has in many other people with different types of addictions.

We are just in the process of expansion of consciousness, bringing awareness, comprehension of consciousness… to become aware of consciousness, by ourselves. It is a high-rise aspiration, we do not know if we will get there or when, but we are on that path, gradually conquering a corner of our inner ocean.

WE ARE, WE COME, WE LIVE AND WE GO TOWARDS CONSCIOUSNESS. Realizing this is the ultimate purpose that we propose in this School and life in general. As this is arriving life is gradually becoming a fertile land and suitable to let the seed of what we are, flourish.

Every human being has the potential to be part of a wonderful garden.

Alberto José Varela

Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe. For bookings or to request any further information write to english@innermastery.es 

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