Given the great, absurd arguments that arise concerning the use of Ayahuasca, we have sent these 4 questions to shamans from Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru, to give me their answers in the face of so many radical and purist opinions that exist about ayahuasca and its use in the world. We will be publishing the answers given by different shamans.
This is a response by a Shipibo shaman from Pucalpa (Peru). His name is Metsa Bima. He has been taught by his grandfather, who was a great Shipibo sage and healer. He currently lives in the Peruvian jungle. He receives a lot of people in the jungle, but he will soon also come to Europe to bring ayahausca and to teach the students of the European School of Ayahuasca.
1 Who does Ayahuasca belong to?
ANSWER: It is a very important question; the owner of ayahuasca is the jungle. We do not yet know which ethnic group discovered it, it’s very old.
2 Does ayahuasca want to get out to the whole world?
ANSWER: Ayahuasca is already getting out to the whole world, although some have not come in contact with it yet. A lot of people have already tried it; Latin Americans, Europeans, and Asians. So people have an idea of what it is because it is getting out to the world.
3 Can it be handled by people who are not shamans or indigenous?
ANSWER: Of course ayahuasca can be handled by people who are not shamans or indigenous, because everyone can learn from it, the plant accepts all people; anyone can experience it under good advice, but yes, in order for ayahuasca to be guided by a person who knows very well how it works, that person must have learned, practiced, and been advised by someone who knows, that is, a shaman, because in visions, ayahuasca shows us that in every ceremony we learn more and more, it shows us new things every day, there are no limits, as with healing, much to learn and heal every day.
4 What suggestion would you give to those who use ayahuasca in the world?
ANSWER: For all people using ayahuasca anywhere in the world, I tell them to experience the tomas (ayahuasca journeys), and then to continue without stopping, with learning, healing, and accumulating experience, to take ayahuasca with good faith in oneself, so that it can also listen to their intentions or requests, then the ayahuasca will help them to forgive and to heal.
Metsa Bima
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