Those of us who conduct Ayahuasca international´s retreats don´t call ourselves neither guides nor therapists nor shamans but simply facilitators.
To be a guide implies that we know what it´s best for you, and it´s only your own consciousness can truly know that. A therapist is somebody who can heal and our understanding is that only you can truly heal yourself. It would take a while to attempt to define what a shaman is and there´s hardly any human being living in the world today who could truly claim to be one, but there are a number of people with shamanic qualities in them.
So we call ourselves facilitators, we hold a safe and conductive environment in which the participant may be able to connect with its deep wisdom and power. We have developed skills that serve this purpose, and particularly serve the purpose of healing ourselves if we choose to. In fact, we can only inspire others as far as we´re committed to heal our own lives.
The combination of psychotherapy and ayahuasca is a fantastic cocktail for the healing of our lives, but they´re not the saviors and neither are us, the facilitators. The responsibility lies on each one of us, free individuals that we ultimately are.
Our position implies great responsibility and I personally strive to be up to it. The illustration to this article shows graphically the way in which many participants often regard us, believing that we have something that they don´t.
“Ayahuasca is so great and they have taken it many times, and they speak wise words. Surely they´re beyond the flaws that affect the rest of us humans”. No matter how often I say that I´m just as human as they are, there are some retreat participants who seem to unconsciously hold to such sophisms.
To the best of my capabilities I encourage everyone to wake up to their own power and intelligence. We´re all on the same boat. I may be skilled at detecting aspects that most people overlook but it doesn´t mean that I´m entirely beyond bullshit.
I´m personally committed to unveil my own bullshit and to heal it on the light of my awareness and determination.
As I understand it, life seems to be a continuing healing process and it´s a wonderful game if we take it that way. But if we´re not committed to our own healing then this life becomes a string of miseries with just some brief interludes of solace.
We´re the creators of our own lives, therefore we´re responsible and accountable for it.
This means that to change what we don´t like in our lives ultimately depends on us only.
Being a part of Ayahuasca International is a great rollercoaster of a life, always unpredictable and kaleidoscopic and often dizzying, but exhilaratingly alive and happy. I wouldn´t change it for any other, it´s a privilege to be a part of it and I thank myself for having created this reality.
THE HEALING GAME. It´s not about solving Rubik´s cube but to be truly engaged into playing it and to have fun in the process.
Each participant coming to our retreats is a part of the healing game of my own life and I thank you all for it.
Hugo Oklander
Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe.Click here for a complete listing of  information of all the 2018 Ayahuasca International Retreats Calendar. It includes subsequent links to information, prices and booking procedure for each retreat.

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