THE POWERFUL AND ENDLESS NATURE OF FEMININE ENERGY. Although it is the greatest gift given to humankind, something is keeping it from manifesting.


We are left with a mere memory of the creative power, of the love and surrender of the female energy, yet we still have an opportunity to recover it.

I have resisted writing this article, despite having been asked to do it by several facilitators from Ayahuasca International, since over the past retreats they have seen that many women are manifesting the need to reactivate, resuscitate, reconnect or express, the female energy. Men are also manifesting a need to be imbued by this same feminine energy, which is immensely healing for those who live in harshness and indifference, distance and insensitivity.
My resistance to write about this matter comes fundamentally from the sadness I experience when I orient my observation towards the most powerful point in humankind, but which is in a dire state due to the erosion it has experienced throughout millennia.
To speak of female energy is not to say that we are speaking about women, sensuality, the goddess nor sexuality, but of the essentially warm, kind and loving energy that comes from the heart and which belongs to human beings ever since the beginning of times. It is true that is has manifested fundamentally in women, since it relates to receptivity, with life, with affection, and with sensitivity, but it does not exclude nor alienate men from being able to also experience it.
A great number of people come with a myriad issues, all with the same roots: for women, the fact that they are not embodying that feminine energy, and for men, not being able to be nurtured by it. Something has happened for female energy to have so diverted from its essential energy, and of course something has also happened for men to no longer be deserving of the energy that can transform them in a sensitive, vulnerable, open and surrendered being (coincidentally, these being very appealing qualities for almost every woman)
From what I have been observing in my own experience with women, and after having been intimate with not a few and having had a stable private life with seven women I have lived with, I have been able to see that feminine energy is not dead, but that it lives in each woman as a possibility or hidden potential, that women don’t carry that energy on their sleeves any longer, but that they hide it, reserve it or, in many cases, have completely nullified it. Yet it is still there.
Since it is the energy of beauty, softness, magic and feminine charm, when it is not present or active in a woman, it is possible to see a more or less evident internal suffering, a discomfort, a self-limitation and an apathy which generates a more or less state of permanent control.
In practice, we can observe in almost all women how that feminine energy has been transformed in a controlling, calculating, dominating, self-sufficient, distant, cold and demanding energy. As if feminine energy was on the side-lines of women’s reality, allowing the resentful side of women to show, rather than their loving and understanding side.
On my process of personal search and evolution, I have often asked myself, where is there a woman? I was obviously referring to the evident absence of that which is feminine in the world. As if there were only men in the world. As if the world was captive by an aggressive, yang, harsh energy, which works just like a penis, trying to constantly find its way into some sort of hole.
Nowadays, there are many workshops and trainings for women’s development which are confusing the concept of feminine energy with sensuality or sexuality, working on the liberation of the Goddess as if trying to create Geishas, wanting to mask feminine energy under an erotic form which makes the situation all the more complicated. It is true that what is erotic attracts men, but, is this what wants to be achieved by the liberation of feminine energy?
If men are not reached with love and kindness (and it is evident that it is hard for women to love those who have always squashed them) then they have to be reached through desire and sensuality. But it remains a manipulation of the unhealed feminine. I am not denying that through sex and the process of seduction it is not possible to give men love and kindness, but it is obvious that it is easier to work on sexual liberation than the opening of the heart. Feminine energy has the heart at its core, not sex. This is it true nucleus of power. Unfortunately, power was moved to the correct use of the hole, and has even gone further than that because much power is shown through the denial of the hole. The power of love, which is intuitive, instinctive and spiritual, has been substituted by the handling and control of the mind, which cancels out feminine essence. Women have moved into their heads to set up their control tower, and no one can make them descend from those heights. They feel comfortable and safe there, far away from danger and giving out orders their way.
Consequently we see so many women who, in their process of evolution, want to undertake the return trip from the mind towards the heart, barely 35 centimetres away but which can take a lifetime to make, and most women are not even envisaging such a trip. Those who realise that there is no other way begin – albeit unwillingly – a truly complicated process, since it is as much as changing a life model, as much as changing the way we are. A woman who does not control? A woman who instead of planning everything, allows herself to flow? A woman who trusts in her receptivity and wisdom? A woman who is available and open to love without conditions? WHAT KIND OF WOMAN ARE WE TALKING ABOUT? Those which barely exist or perhaps ceased to exist long ago.
Those of us men can give testimonials on how that which is feminine impacts our life powerfully from the moment we are born, yet ends up becoming an internal head-on collision when we realise how that love turns into demands, overprotection, manipulation, blackmail and addiction, to end up as a relationship of dependency or as a time-bomb which will sooner than later explode, orienting all its shock-waves towards other women. A more or less conscious revenge. As if men learnt how to treat women badly through the experience we have with our own mothers. And of course, “without meaning to”, without them ever having thought of such tragedy, yet in many cases, this is so. I always affirm that the best way to prepare a soldier or a terrorist is by taking feminine energy away from them. Men are thus reduced to a projection of anger, hate and violence when they have not received the minimum necessary dose of love from their mother. This dose of love is what connects us to life, to ourselves, to existence.
On the other hand, women who realise that this feminine energy is absent seek for a solution by changing their clothing or make-up, changing their eating habits, or in the best of cases, by taking up belly-dancing, Tantra, or other marvellous disciplines which are in general not guided by people who, unless they have their own feminine energy alive, active and on the surface, are not able to inspire other women. I understand that it must be complex to help a woman reconnect with their feminine essence, yet not impossible. The techniques which most approach the reunion with the heart’s sensitivity and energy, are those we use in our integration techniques after the Ayahuasca sessions.
Over ten year ago I took part in a women’s group who wished to bring transformation into their lives, make a turn towards femininity, towards sensitivity, and towards a more natural and authentic sensuality, I have always been interested in the awakening of the feminine, I do not know whether this is because I have a female inside of me or because I have been a woman in a past life, but I am greatly interested. The workshop I did took place in Barcelona and was called: FOR THE AWAKENING OF THE FEMININE. It lasted four days and all kinds of techniques were used: meditation, Eastern dances, essential oils, yin energy, massages, orientation by Daikinis, etc… deep down I realised that I was before a training for women to please men which, to my understanding, has nothing to do with the awakening of feminine energy, since the authentic awakening of feminine energy places women in their own feeling of love for themselves and for life, and not in their sexuality as a throw weapon for and to men, or against men.
I appreciate all the work being done to support and help feminine energy blossom, no matter which, I am merely giving some more precise tips and refining the direction towards which we ought to aim in order to reach the authentic reconquest of the energy which can heal us all.
To broach the matter of the recovery of feminine energy we need to introduce ourselves in the framework of the history of women’s submission, of the subjugation of women by men, of how she has been alienated and mistreated. But we must also broach the matter of why, although many women are no longer trapped in those situations, they are yet to recover their sensitivity or love for themselves and for men.
We may be before one of those issues which bring light and comprehension to one of the great problems of humankind.
In psycho-therapeutic processes with ayahuasca there is a call to the awakening of feminine energy, a very healthy situation for those wishing to evolve; those women who resist it, often times going through a hard time whilst those who heed the voice coming from consciousness, announcing the incipient need to recover their power through love, are those who open themselves to a healing power, oriented to the expansion of their feminine self. It is a hard and complicated path, since society is organised for controlling women and dumb men (ready to be manipulated) to survive.
It is nevertheless not impossible to resolve this situation-disease; at least, we are doing so through the conscious observation that we have to do something about it, and which of course can only be done through the heart.
The authentic power of a woman lies within her capacity to give love. When this happens, couples, families and societies are nurtured by the most precious and enriching energy that we can experience as humans.
Alberto José Varela
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5 thoughts on “THE POWERFUL AND ENDLESS NATURE OF FEMININE ENERGY. Although it is the greatest gift given to humankind, something is keeping it from manifesting.”

  1. This is truly real and of course sad. However you are so beautiful for this and definitely boost my spirit to heal, even more now. Thank You, Alberto. ❤️

  2. Once a woman finds her way back to her True Essence, becomes an excellent spiritual lover (so it is not either “heart” or “sex”, it is both together), a true friend, a magical healer, an amazing teacher/example for her surrounding, and also an exceptional mother. <3

  3. Not only female energy is missing from the society, but also masculine energy. I mean mature masculine energy. As one of my favourite masters says : “98 % of the adult population consists of wounded children with the consciousness level of a 5-10-year-old male (!!!!!). So we are (almost) all immature boys walking around.” Technocratic civilization castrates men within a second, resulting in both sexes losing in the end. A human male has to have exceptionally high intelligence to recognize this phenomenon, and devotion to get out of this vicious circle (going against the “you are already a MAN, since you have a penis, just earn some money and everything will work in your life” doctrine). Since men’s induction rituals and (spiritually, physically) transforming tasks disappeared from the society, the average man has little chance for self-realization. In the current system, women, even with a supressed femininie essence but still higher emotional intelligence and intuition, have more space and possibilities to find and fulfill themselves.
    Thus, I believe and that is my experience that the key is in women’s hand and their female essential magical power. Its women who, by healing themselves and reconnecting to their true self can reach men’s heart, breaking through thousands of years of fear, resentment, hatred and disappointment and lift them up. That’s what I did/am doing and it works 🙂 . I show all my appreciation to men who can do this alone (without a woman), but also to those who do it with a woman, becaue it is not an easy journey (Y). And Ayahuasca + effective therapeutic methods are indeed an excellent help for both sexes!!! <3

  4. This really was a good article. But I have to say that I have an issue with this one statement:
    “But we must also broach the matter of why, although many women are no longer trapped in those situations, they are yet to recover their sensitivity or love for themselves and for men.”
    That is a very misinformed statement. There is nowhere, that women are no longer trapped in these situations. that’s like asking why rich black folks warn their kids not to provoke the police if they are ever approached by them. The Racist Patriarchy is the foundation of the society we live in. Just because you cannot see from their perspective and as far as you know things aren’t as bad as they once were, doesn’t mean they are still not dealing with this every day. The statement seems to come from someone who has privilege, and is unaware of what it means to have to settle for being treated as less than every day of your life.

    1. Hi Mario, Thank you for your comment as I’m sure this is a question that is triggered in many people. This work of inner evolution is highly mysterious, magical and powerful. If we can truly comprehend how the external is a projection of the internal state, we can start to recover the power for life situations to change, and to align to the divinity we are, and the dignity that is our birthright in relation to this. It would be wonderful if you could come along to a retreat, to directly experience this for yourself. I’d be happy to explain more over the phone, please feel free to whatsapp me: 00447561209466, or call me 0034661783485 and we can have a chat. Much love, Vanessa

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