AYAHUASCA: TAKING A SUBSTANCE OR HAVING AN EXPERIENCE? The healing and curing experiences require a particular attitude, motivation and awareness.

Why taking Ayahuasca to have a supernatural or transcendent experience?

Humans consume all kinds of things: alcohol, drugs, food in excess, pictures, books … etc. etc. and most of it is eaten unconsciously, unbridled and without much more meaning than distraction, feeling relieved or forgetting. Everything we eat produces some kind of effect in us. We seek “supernatural” to evade the harsh reality.
But, if we have a deep and enriching experience that goes far beyond all the “effects”, what will make a difference is consciousness, especially if what we consume to have such an experience is 100% natural substance with no synthetic chemical, and if we are accompanied by experienced people taking care of us and supporting us during the experience.
By supernatural experience we refer to what goes beyond rationality or what is commonly experienced in everyday life. “Transcendence” is the source, the origin, the beyond; that helps us a lot to understand daily reality.
The conscious, responsible and moderate use of “anything”, can help us expand consciousness and have a supernatural experience; it depends on the intention we have and the attitude we adopt. Especially if it is an ancient remedy coming from wise nature, such as Ayahuasca that, although it is a “natural” brew, has the ability to take us on a “supernatural” experience.
We promote conscious information for each person to make the decision whether or not to contact with Ayahuasca freely and from one’s inner power so one can choose from awareness. We do not seek supernatural experiences, but to be able to contact with the true spiritual nature within us.
In a small glass of Ayahuasca, composed a few grams of two master plants, there is a tremendous power able to guide a human being towards his own source of healing, the dark areas of his life, his hidden inner treasure, and a new way of perceiving life. A real inner conquest!
Only those who tried can assert or not whether it is appropriate or not for their health and personal evolution. Nobody can tell us based on what they know or have experienced. It is a very personal experience.
There are many testimonies of people who didn’t have a good experience with Ayahuasca, they even felt bad or worse than before. There are few cases, but this is possible. It never happened to the more than 10,000 persons to whom we gave Ayahuasca in the last 15 years, but we acknowledge that some important details are not cared for in an Ayahuasca session: you can access a danger zone. On the other hand, most testimonials claim that it is a recommended, unique and unforgettable experience, healing and transforming like nothing else. This is also true, but it is something that happens when the entire session takes place within a careful and respectful environment. The experience is then amazing, priceless, and has a favourable impact on all areas of life. The worst that can happen is that you have no experience, but it is also important for the evolution process of any person. In our retreats, we address this reality, that there are people who do not have any effect, especially at that time, because after several days, many people tell us they experienced it, and connected at some point in their day to day life.
We suggest to go through the experience gradually and progressively. For that reason, we organize retreats of at least 2 days and 2 nights for the participant to take it at least 4 times in those 2 nights. This way he can do it little by little until we reach the ideal dose enabling us to establish connection with supernatural without any risk.
We don’t advise people who just want to have visions, enlightenment effects, who are impatient, who want to experience in a few hours and then leave, to take Ayahuasca. This experience is deep and very important for the person who wants to transcend his limits and become empowered in his own life.
Ayahuasca International holds Inner Evolution retreats with therapeutic use of Ayahuasca in several countries in Europe. Click the links for specific information on each retreat.
Barcelona, July 05 to 09
Marbella, July 05 to 09
Munich, July 05 to 09
Sweden, July 10 to 16
Mallorca, July 13 to 16

Vienna, July 13 to 16
Mexico, Riviera Maya, July 13 to 16
Alicante, July 14 to 16
Oslo, July 19 to 24
Berlin, July 20 to 23
Marbella, July 20 to 24
Tenerife, July 20 to 23
Cologne, July 27 to 30
South Sweden, July 26 to 30
Copenhagen, July 26 to 30
Eindhoven- Netherlands, July 27 to 30

Click here for a complete listing of  information of all the 2017 Ayahuasca International Retreats Calendar. It includes subsequent links to information, prices and booking procedure for each retreat.
For bookings or to request any further information call to +49 (0) 171 987 6655 (also available by whatsapp) or write to english@innermastery.es 

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