I introduce the European School of Ayahuasca (Founded in December 2013)


We learn and teach how to perceive unity.

We prepare ourselves to see the internal and external as one same reality

Training cycles for facilitators in psychotherapeutic integration and in the use of ayahuasca for inner evolution.

The purpose that drives this movement is THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE HUMAN BEING beginning with that of each one of us. It is the intention that unites us.

We learn and teach how to perceive unity.

The conscious vision of the multiple facets of reality leads inevitably to an internal-external perception from an eternal and infinite place that ends all divisions.
In this school we use methods, techniques, and systems, as well as tools that inspire integration, with the clear intention of getting rid of them and to keep only the consciousness of unity.
Hence one of our slogans: “We integrate everything to restore unity”
No transformation is possible as long as we are divided because transformation is a journey towards unity.

We work with Consciousness, not with Ayahuasca

The European School of Ayahuasca is not only the first school of its kind in Europe, it is also the only ayahuasca school in the world which proposes to forsake the use of ayahuasca.
Therefore, we can state that in this school we are led by consciousness.
From it we derive, to it we are heading, and in this life we are here for and because of it.
When consciousness is genuinely liberated, all tools, techniques or methods which drive us into consciousness must be abandoned in everyday life to make way for a new inner space from which life and each situation are faced.
That OPEN SPACE is the integration of consciousness and the heart.
Alberto Varela
Founder, Director, and Professor of the ESA


From the dossier of the European School of Ayahuasca
The first 7 chapters are only informative for applicants or those interested to participate as students.


 My name is Alberto Varela. I am the founder of the European School of Ayahuasca; I want to share with you several important things before getting into details. The first is that it’s unbelievable, a dream come true, the fact that the European School of Ayahuasca is running and furthermore creating a movement of this magnitude in Europe, not only because of the number of people who have come to the last meetings, but also because of all those who ask to join our program in several countries.
I am also surprised by the depth of the teachings that the students who sign up are allowing us to share, VERY BRAVE, DARING, ALL-WILLING SEEKERS ON THE PATH OF HEALING.
It is puzzling that we have no predefined program. We do not offer a diploma or even a certificate of participation, yet people come to learn. Most participants trust, give, and do not demand any guarantees because they take charge of themselves and of what they are capable of assimilating. It is a miracle that egoic forms of titles are transcended, and it is a great way to start preparing for this wonderful task of working with shamanic remedies, with people’s growth, and especially with human transformation, the healing of the soul, and with consciousness.
The governing board of the school is something that is taking shape, as for that it is imperative to find people who can hold in unity the principles and values on which the school is based.
The “governing” energy of the school is the seed, the vital impulse, the essence that moves it. To define it somehow, although limitedly, it is linked to the rupture of moulds and limitations, with the release of natural talent and creativity, with the awakening of the students’ potential and the consequent activation of the possibilities to produce a natural expansion in themselves, as much in their capacity of labour and service, as in the growth that occurs in the company where they work, all supported by the permanent search of empowering each student. The governing energy is directly targeted to the power of the student.
In a sense, this school is an internal training for the community-organisation Ayahuasca International, which, given the urgent need for qualified skilled workers that cannot be found anywhere and for a training which is not taught in any university in the world, made us decide to create the university itself in a non-formal education program with very particular teachers for each subject, and prompted us to practice a teaching according to the needs of the own community-organisation Ayahuasca International.
This call is for anyone who wants to become a collaborator of this international community-organisation dedicated to the expansion of psychotherapeutic work with Ayahuasca. It is for people who want to train as FACILITATORS (ayahuasqueros and / or integrators). For that reason we ask those who are not truthfully interested from the heart to refrain.
The idea is to expand the number of people who can carry out retreats with psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca in the world, and also to delve into the quality of the services that we offer. But it is also open to ayahuasqueros and facilitators who work on their own, outside of our organization, and who want to get to know and go deep into our work system. We are open and willing to share what we have discovered and that works, because we are experiencing it.
Regardless of the motivations of each student, the key is that everyone comes to learn how to heal their wounded or unresolved parts, to later, from within, share with others the heroism of having conquered oneself, independently of whether it is done inside or outside of our community-organisation.

This non-formal education is divided into 4 levels:

LEVEL 1: those who come for the first time and who have not participated in our inner evolution retreats with psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca, coming for strictly personal processes.
LEVEL 2: those who have already been to several meetings, either retreats or training cycles, and will delve into more delicate and sensitive aspects of the work on themselves and with other people.
LEVEL 3: junior facilitators and integrators in ayahuasca sessions who are actively working with Ayahuasca International for at least 3 months.
LEVEL 4: senior facilitators and teachers of the school who have worked at least one year as junior facilitators.
There is another kind of learning we offer that is below and in a sense above levels 1 to 4, as it is learning directed to transcend all levels, and which we call LEVEL 0. Absolutely all students can participate in this level at any time since it is designed to situate the student on the path in which he is located within the school. This allows each participant to realize as soon as possible if the school is what he has been looking for.
As founder and director of the school, I have attributed this level of education to myself, which I explain below.
The European School of Ayahuasca is a projection of the emerging concept of “Transcendent Healing,” which I created in 2008 (www.facebook.com/sanaciontrascendente). With this LEVEL 0 I collaborate in the comprehension of this concept of healing, but I also use the technique of confrontation, “No-Therapy,” created in 2005 (https://www.facebook.com/noterapiadealbertovarela), and the “Game of Comprehension” created in 2009 (https://www.facebook.com/eljuegodelacomprension).
The contents that we develop are within a theoretical context that I have called Psychology of Integration and Inner Evolution, about which I have written two books exclusively for students of the school. These books and other theoretical training modules can be read or downloaded from my website and personal blog following annual payment of tuition.
For more information about me: https://www.albertojosevarela.com


 It is a spontaneous movement of expansion of consciousness through the psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca which is gathering and inspiring people from all over to work with inner transformation beginning with awakening and self-healing.
Between 2012 and 2013 a Yugoslavian who lives in Italy called me after sharing several ayahuasca sessions with me and told me he wanted to work with ayahuasca, to give it to other people, and asked if I could teach him. Then his partner came to take this medicine and her experience was such that she also asked me the same thing, but she did it in a different way. She said, “I want to work with consciousness, I want to dedicate myself to that.” Then other people with similar concerns continued to appear.
I am not a shaman, I do not even consider myself an ayahuasquero, much less an ayahuasca teacher, but still I accepted the request because I felt that I could share everything I had learned over the years with those who saw with an attitude to learn from the heart.
More than teaching I began to introduce them to internships in specific activities or tasks, to see how they moved, how they responded and what attitude they had in each situation presented to them. I did not think to start with theories nor deepening on the ways of how things should be done, but through the pure observation and expression of their soul.
I thought it was more effective to start by orienting them rather than teaching them. However, since my method of work is not with ayahuasca but rather with consciousness, I realized that to prepare them according to my style or method, I should organize and systematize every aspect of this work I’ve been doing, creating, and refining for a few decades.
I saw it clearly, but still did nothing to develop theoretical contents. I told these apprentices to go to the jungle because there they would learn the basics, which is the connection to the forest, plants, shamans, and to become aware of the power of this ayahuasca medicine. So they did. But it was not enough for what they wanted; all without exception stated that they had received the deepest part of their process whilst being in Europe, not in the jungle, and according to what they say, it is because in the encounters they have with the work that I propose they can focus the precise direction of their path of evolution.
Therefore, from the beginning of 2014, I organised meetings with all of them to discuss, question, and allow emotions, thoughts, and intentions to come out… to see each one in their moment and situation. From there, without a single drop of ayahuasca, I started a personalized work with each one (although developed in a group setting) in which I direct attention to the points of resistance or blocks that each member of the school may have in relation to the optimal state required to do the job corresponding to each one.
In the process, more people came asking me the same thing, were added to the team, and integrated as an intern and collaborator until the day came to formalize the proposal.
This school, in its formal origin, was an idea I launched in December 2013 during the last group ayahuasca retreat I did in Lozoya, Madrid. My friends provided the brew and I took advantage to drink and get into my inner troubles; what I found is that much of my trouble is that I do not have time to do all of what thousands of people around the world ask me and which I would like to give them.
On the other hand, I connected with my trust in others (which I obviously already had in myself), my desire to expand this work, my desire to teach everything I’ve learned over so many years, the experience in delegating I developed when I was a businessman, and my passion to work with human empowerment, mine and that of others. All of this led me inexorably to a dead end.
After almost two years working on this empirical and informal line of training with people from various countries in Europe and America, I decided to take action and CREATE THE TRAINING PROGRAM OF THE EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF AYAHUASCA and install it in a physical location because until now it had been itinerant.
I threw out the idea publicly and as usual I first expressed the idea as if it were already real, to then see if it’s feasible or if I had the means to materialize it. This practice I have developed in projecting my ideals has ALWAYS gone well. It is a tremendously effective implementation mechanism. It is even one of the basic concepts I teach in this work: First say YES, then we shall see. First I assume, then we’ll see. First I open up and predispose myself to everything, then everything is organized magically. It is a masterpiece attitude, or rather the master of all attitudes. It is to be ready, predisposed, and open to whatever comes. Facilitators at Ayahuasca International vibrating in this attitude achieve progress in a few months as if they were years, and those who refuse that attitude get stuck.
Currently we have installed the school in a fixed location in Madrid, Spain, with more than 30 people undergoing deep and intense training with a steady and progressive pace. Until now and from 2014, we conduct training meetings every 40 days or so. Before the school was itinerant, meaning that it was set up wherever I was at any time like a spontaneous camp. Every 30-45 days or so we met with the participants of the team of Ayahuasca International (which I founded and direct) to instruct them in each of the aspects that allow us to maintain the quality of the work we propose. We also see the possibility of integrating different approaches and techniques within our proposal.
Currently we have designed a program dating until the end of 2016 in Spain, Italy, and Germany, as we have had to launch the school in Italy and Germany since there was not enough room for more than 40 people in the house in Madrid, and we have also had to start expansion works on the house to enable us to receive a growing Spanish-speaking audience as well as beginning from October 2015, the school in Mexico.


 The focus of this school is inner conquest. It is inner evolution, in and of oneself, to later from within share the heroism of having opened and discovered ourselves.
It all starts by asking people who are interested to do a minimum of 3 Inner Evolution Retreats with psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca in the countries where we offer them. Then they enroll in the school for a minimum of 3 training cycles to enable them to begin internships, and in the final three months we determine whether the student is ready to begin work officially and legally, as we hire them. This integration process takes 9-12 months, but it is not guaranteed that students can be integrated 100% to the working system we propose.
We already have many highly trained facilitators who in many aspects continue exceeding themselves. We’ve put together a great diversity of values and talents. What matters is that we complement each other in the part that each one has most evolved.
The place that can be occupied within the Ayahuasca International organisation is something that comes from the soul of each member of the team. The organisation recognizes, respects, and supports the direction of the soul of each person within an inner framework in an orderly operation. Ayahuasca International is designed to accommodate people with that MASTER ATTITUDE and who are predisposed to give the best of themselves in the precise place which awaits them. One never knows what that place is, it is something that each must discover. It’s part of the training process that I propose.
We have created a model of authority, a model of internal organization, and a remuneration model for working with consciousness and not with money, to work with meditative giving and not with clocks that control schedules.
On the other hand I encourage students, collaborators, and facilitators to come to the jungle with me, to spend even if only a few days immersed with shamans, plants, nature, night, and stars. This helps them see the deeper aspects of the intention of wanting to train as ayahuasqueros. But it is essential to know that “being an ayahuasquero” is just one of the possibilities offered in this school. There are also people who are specializing in communication, cooking, administration, viral marketing, social networks, text creation, in logistical organization, in expansion, in therapeutic dynamics, etc. It is a school that aims at consciousness beyond ayahuasca.
 As children, we don’t know how vast the world is, nor can we imagine the grandeur of the universe. Nor do we know that on earth there are so many different people, and that in the universe there are so many diverse beings more evolved than us. In the process of growth and education we start to realize that everything is bigger and more diverse than we could imagine, but in the face of that realization we suppress, hide, and adapt. The greatness ends up making us very small, placing us in a comfort zone, secure and familiar. The crowd ends up surrendering to be one more amongst millions, losing the sense of individuality, power and personal importance.
But in varying degrees, we all continue maintaining the possibility of getting out of there alive and beating.
Herein lies this school, in leaving that place. Each participant is leaving his boundaries, releasing his creativity, is showing what he is, is sharing the treasure that was hidden, and is flourishing as if for the first time. It is a process of awakening, blossoming and fulfillment.
I feel like a gardener. I deal primarily with preparing the land, planting, watering, and sometimes straightening, but only if necessary. As founder of the European School of Ayahuasca, I can assure you from personal experience that the deepest sense lies in expanding in all aspects and levels of the meaning of expansion, starting with the individual flourishing of each student.


Is to use the shamanic medicine AYAHUASCA as a springboard into the ocean of consciousness. Once submerged in the depths of consciousness we can move like fish in water to visit every corner of ourselves, and of the universe…
It is actually a school of consciousness, but we couldn’t call it that, because you cannot propose a direct instruction for the use of consciousness. Consciousness would then become a tool or technique, and that would cancel it as the essence.
CONSCIOUSNESS is the very essence of totality and of ourselves. We can propose to learn to use a springboard to launch into such essence; we can propose the preparation in body and soul to know how to handle ourselves in a depth hitherto unknown. For that we use very powerful tools and very effective techniques that together at a central point have led to the creation of its own method.
We have found that these deep teachings are obtained in the quickest and most effective manner by combining drinking ayahuasca with the psychotherapeutic work and the use of multiple techniques of self-awareness and awakening of consciousness. Ayahuasca is enhanced and becomes deeper and more direct when it is accompanied by a framework of understanding and integration of the process that it ensues.
The secret is “to stop drinking ayahuasca to expand consciousness, and to use consciousness autonomously and naturally, to the point where this becomes a road from which we never want to part.”
The European School of Ayahuasca is one of the paths of consciousness that can be used as a guide in life, but also to become aware through life. When consciousness ceases to be a tool or a guide to travel the road of life and becomes “the way,” life begins to flourish spontaneously through what we think, feel, express and share. Then, upon reaching death, we can leave life behind with gratitude, having been the gateway, the preparation, the springboard to eternity.
Consciousness flourishes in love, compassion, freedom, innocence, joy… This is why flourishing is so precious. When this happens in a group of human beings, a gracious and charming garden is born. This is one reason why once we reach the path of consciousness, we can never again part.
It seems to be a contradiction, that an ayahuasca school (which pre-supposes the study of the use of ayahuasca) proposes to stop the use of ayahuasca to be replaced by the use of consciousness itself. This premise is based upon the fact that when consciousness expands and integrates the experience within the context of the participant’s life and personal history, he becomes a free and independent being for the everyday comprehension of the issues that he must go through.
Psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca for INNER EVOLUTION of the participant is a job that involves a process of profound inquiry into oneself until the individual can empower himself of his own life, beyond the limits that bound him and deactivate the blockages that rendered him paralyzed or prevented his development.
The COMPREHENSION of oneself, of life, of existence, and everything that happens to us in life, is the epicenter of the work that we propose. Comprehension is the gateway to the universe of consciousness. When that door is entered, the instruments or tools that have brought us to this point begin to disappear. Many people come to this comprehension through different techniques, such as meditation or yoga, but for a high percentage of people it is complicated, slow, and even rough to reach by these means, so they need more efficient tools and methods, faster or more powerful. Consciousness is a tool that can become a path and even become a state of life, but not all techniques or methods have the power to take us to that comprehension.
To be able to stop taking ayahuasca at the time when that comprehension has come, ayahuasca must be taken with the awareness that ayahuasca is a tool, a technique, a method that acts as an alarm clock and activator of consciousness to later expand by itself. Ayahuasca is not an end in itself; otherwise, we would end by worshiping the springboard and forget the ocean and how we feel when we dive into it.
In the ESA we use ayahuasca as spiritual medicine for the awakening of consciousness. We do not use it as a religious sacrament or as a central motif of study or research. Once the student manages to stabilize the use of his or her consciousness in everyday life, the use of ayahausca can be completely forsaken. This is something that we are proving conclusively with our participants, who increasingly need to drink less ayahuasca, and even many have already stopped drinking it to access non-ordinary states of consciousness.
The main reason we can do this work is that ayahuasca supports freedom and detachment. IT IS NOT ADDICTIVE, but rather inspires to drop all addictions, even that which may occur with itself. Yet, all the addictions that occur with ayahuasca are not chemical but psycho-emotional, so the psychotherapeutic work is fundamental in guiding the student to forsake ayahuasca.
We are exactly in the process of expansion of consciousness, of becoming aware, of comprehending consciousness…to become aware of consciousness on our own.
WE ARE, WE COME, WE LIVE, AND WE ARE HEADING TOWARD CONSCIOUSNESS. Realizing this is the ultimate purpose that we propose in this school and life in general. As it comes, life is gradually becoming a fertile land appropriate to harvest the seed of what we are.
Every human being, whether he realizes it or not, has the potential to be part of a wonderful garden.


It is not called school of “ayahuasqueros” but School of Ayahuasca because it is feminine in essence, because the plant is femenine, Europe is and participants, I believe, should be femenine, be they men or women, but femenine. The reason is that we handle an ayahuasca coming from Colombia, where it is an archetype of authority, not only of love. There it represents the energy of the masculine, which is why they call it Grandfather rather than Grandmother as they do elsewhere.
This energy of rigor, authority, and empowerment that inspires the masculine, in my view, must be in very loving and gentle hands, hands that love the feminine energy.
In this sense, although it seems that the name “European School of Ayahuasca” only refers to training in the use of ayahuasca, to actually be able to use ayahuasca with a psychotherapeutical approach, one must have a deep and comprehensive view of the therapeutic techniques in general without being attached to any of them.


WHAT IS ESSENTIAL IS INVISIBLE TO THE NAKED EYE: We need a new set of eyes, a new vision, another sensitivity, and other qualities to access the essential. The Eye of Horus (Ancient Egypt) or Udyat means “one who is complete.” It was a symbol of magical properties, protective, purifying, healing, solar symbol embodying order, the undisturbed, the perfect state. This eye was special and had magical qualities.
The creative designer of this school used parts of ayahuasca vines to make the stroke of the eye of Horus, to relate the vision that is produced by the transcended eye with the qualities of this shamanic medicine to reach that state. 


Information email about registration and the different ways to participate with costs and dates: school@innermastery.es
www.albertojosevarela.com   |   www.innermastery.es
 You can attend our school and participate in various activities within each training cycle:

  • Welcome and beginning of cycle (first day of arrival)
  • Psychotherapeutic integration of each of the students with teacher supervision. From 9:30am to 11:30am
  • Development of theoretical and practical classes with teachers from the school. From 12pm to 3pm; From 5pm to 6:30pm
  • Dialogue with Alberto Varela, where the bases and principles we propose are set forth. Performed every day that the school is active. From 7pm to 11pm
  • Participation in the Inner Evolution Retreat with psychotherapeutic use of ayahuasca during the week in which the school is active. From 11am to 4am
  • Active facilitation and integration internships supervised by Oscar Gomez and Alberto Varela.
  • Closure and farewell dynamic of the training cycle (the last day of the cycle).

Participation as a student in each training cycle where the school program is developed should be undertaken with a minimum attendance of three days out of the 4-7 day duration of each cycle according to the date and place where it takes place.
For more information on registration and participation in the next meeting you should write to ayahuasca.laura@gmail.com
If you want to participate as a student, you should send a personal letter to the director to describe the reason and feeling that draws you to be part of this school, your sincere motivation and purpose. albertovarelaes@yahoo.es
The reality is that the school is a job opportunity, since almost everyone is working within the team or Ayahuasca International or Inner Mastery SLU, the company that organizes events in Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, and Mexico. But the point is not to “get a job” as much as to give in to something that the soul desires. Then secondly there is the real possibility of having income to be able to make a living out of it.


You must attend a minimum of 3 nights for each training meeting for the cycle to be considered completed.


There are 2 types of fees:
Stay and complete training: 150 euros per night and day stay, including bed in shared private room, all meals, and different moments of therapy and / or training, including nocturnal ayahuasca sessions and additional dynamics. Once out of available beds, some students will have the option to attend the meeting staying in the common room. The rooms are assigned in order of registration.
2  STUDENTS ACTIVELY COLLABORATING WITH THE ORGANIZATION INNER MASTERY (Decision subject to the evaluation of those responsible)
Stay and training: 105 euros per night and day stay including bed in shared private room, all meals, and different moments of therapy and / or training, including nocturnal ayahuasca sessions and additional dynamics. Once out of available beds, some students will have the option to attend the meeting staying in the common room. The rooms are assigned in order of registration.
WEBSITE TO RESERVE YOUR SLOT: http://innermastery.es/inicio/5-reserva-de-ciclos-formativos.html

  • 10% discount is offered to participants who pay five training cycles in advance
  • 20% discount is offered to those participants who pay a calendar year composed of nine training cycles in advance

Laura Torrabadella 
Team Coordinator of the European School of Ayahuasca
ayahuasca.laura@gmail.com    escuela@innermastery.es


You must attend a minimum of 3 nights for each training meeting for the cycle to be considered completed.


There are 2 types of fees:
Stay and complete training: $2,550.- MXN per night and day stay, including bed in shared private room, all meals, and different moments of therapy and / or training, including nocturnal ayahuasca sessions and additional dynamics. Once out of available beds, some students will have the option to attend the meeting staying in the common room. The rooms are assigned in order of registration.
2 STUDENTS ACTIVELY COLLABORATING WITH THE ORGANIZATION INNER MASTERY (Decision subject to the evaluation of those responsible)
Stay and training: $1,785.- MXN per night and day stay including bed in shared private room, all meals, and different moments of therapy and / or training, including nocturnal ayahuasca sessions and additional dynamics. Once out of available beds, some students will have the option to attend the meeting staying in the common room. The rooms are assigned in order of registration.
WEBSITE TO RESERVE YOUR SLOT: http://innermastery.es/inicio/5-reserva-de-ciclos-formativos.html

  • 10% discount is offered to participants who pay five training cycles in advance
  • 20% discount is offered to those participants who pay a calendar year composed of nine training cycles in advance



For the first time in Mexico, a presentation of the SCHOOL will be held on Saturday, October 17th from 10am to 8pm in the form of a one day, 6-hour workshop of deep work divided in 3 hours in the morning, lunch, and then 3 hours in the afternoon.
The founder of the school, Alberto Varela, will come from Spain to launch the program that is highly acclaimed in Spain, Germany, and Italy.
This presentation workshop is designed so that the prospective students can see and feel what is worked and developed in this school. In case that this approach is what they are looking for, then they can register for the first training cycle which will take place in November during 4 days, with an option of at least 3 days.
We have a 16-page document with content and explanations about the school that will be of great use in making the decision whether or not to participate in this workshop.
This workshop will be held as a bonus within the Inner Evolution Retreat in October at Werika Center in Tepoztlan, Morelos.
*The cost of participation in this workshop is $1,000.- MXN, including food and printed materials.
**For those interested in staying and sharing in the nocturnal session, breakfast, psychotherapeutic integration, and closure on Sunday, they can do it for an additional $1,700.- MXN.
The map and directions of how to get to Werika will be sent by email once registration is complete with corresponding payment made. THANK YOU!!!
Information and registration in Mexico:
María Aguilar
Representative and Coordinator for Inner Mastery and Ayahuasca International in Mexico
mexico@innermastery.es    maria.ayahuasca.mexico@gmail.com     044 551 0064280


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